E-book: De minimis guarantee for business


A de minimis guarantee is a tool aimed at helping entrepreneurs who need funds and, for various reasons, cannot apply for a loan

. In such a case, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego grants them a guarantee.

De minimis guarantee in practice

The de minimis guarantee is both a security for loan repayment and state aid for entrepreneurs. The person running the enterprise may apply for a de minimis guarantee at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and, despite such contraindications as a large credit history or the lack of adequate cash collateral, may receive a loan from the bank. However, if the entrepreneur is unable to pay the debts, BGK does it for him, but retains the right to pursue claims against the entrepreneur.

De minimis guarantee - for whom?

The de minimis guarantee may be granted only to medium-sized, small and micro-entrepreneurs who meet the requirements of this program. As it is a public guarantee, there are a number of restrictions on its use - for example, a de minimis guarantee cannot be granted to companies that have exhausted the limit of this type of aid, i.e. € 200,000 in the last three years (including tax exemptions, subsidies or discounts).

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