E-book: Internet community and marketing


What is community?

A community is associated primarily with a group of people - and rightly so. According to the definition provided by the Polish language nightingale, a community should be understood as people living in a specific area or belonging to a specific social or professional group.

Thus, communities can be diverse - residents of Warsaw, steel workers, students, etc. Nowadays, more and more communities are also being created online - thanks to the network we do not have to live close to each other anymore, what's more - we do not have to know each other at all. How are these "networked" communities formed? At the beginning, the main channel of communication between people were huts, i.e. places where you could just talk. To this day, we can read with many varieties of this type of contact - you can join the conversation in the appropriate interest group, age or place of residence. Thus, the chat (or polonized chat) reaches many people, offering them a tailor-made community.

Today, however, huts are giving way to other communities, namely social networking sites, known to everyone who has ever had contact with the Internet. Currently, the biggest triumphs of popularity are Facebook, but it has quite a lot of competition - like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or our native class. In addition to general portals, there are also more and more dedicated pages - such as LinkedIn or Goldenline, which are used to build a network of business contacts.

Internet community and marketing

So if the Internet brings people together to such a large extent that virtual communities are popping up like mushrooms, it can also be used a bit more entrepreneurially. Virtual communities are perfect recipients of marketing campaigns, thanks to which you can go beyond the current media, press, radio and television. The web provides many additional tools that allow you to reach people on really different levels.


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