E-invoices - 5 main advantages


The advantages of using e-invoices are obvious. It would seem that nobody needs to be encouraged to use this form of documenting the transaction. However, according to the available reports, incl. from the conducted by PKPP Lewiatan in 2012, invoices issued in electronic form constitute only 10% of all invoices. Why is it worth giving up the paper version and switching to e-documents?

First - liberal regulations

Many companies do not decide to use electronic invoice circulation due to the fact that they do not have sufficient knowledge about the legal aspects related to it. Considering that from January 2013, the amendment to the provisions on e-invoices entered into force, which equates electronic documents with their paper equivalents, the transition to the electronic version of documents should not cause major problems. What do the changes mean? The same elements and information as on a regular invoice must be on the e-invoice. Moreover, with regard to the issuance dates and the right to deduct VAT on transactions confirmed by a given document, the electronic sister of a paper invoice is no different.

At first glance, the scary-sounding returns contained in the regulation on the transmission of invoices in electronic form, the rules for their storage and the procedure for making them available to the tax authority or tax inspection authority - the integrity of the content and authenticity of origin should no longer scare, because meeting these requirements when issuing an e-invoice provides for example the use of the commonly used PDF format.

Moreover, the introduction of the so-called alleged consent to receive documents in this form. This does not mean that such consent is not required, but the provision stipulates that until the contractor does not object, the entrepreneur may send him invoices, e.g. by e-mail. Confirmation of willingness to receive e-documents can be considered, for example, a verbal declaration of the client or an e-mail sent by him.

Second - big savings (money and time)

Resignation from paper invoices also means noticeable savings for the company - expenses related to issuing and sending documents in a traditional way, such as paper, envelopes, postage stamps, printer toners / inks, are reduced. Importantly, such a solution allows you to reduce the costs of document storage. The aforementioned report shows that by issuing 1000 e-invoices a month, an entrepreneur can save up to PLN 2,000!

In addition, the owner of the company and his employees can save a lot of time, because they will not have to waste time printing documents, addressing envelopes, sticking stamps or standing in a queue at the post office.

Third - increased financial liquidity

It is also worth looking at e-invoices from a different angle. Due to the fact that the delivery of an electronic invoice takes much less time (a few seconds) compared to its paper equivalent, the risk of document expiry and possible payment gridlocks is reduced. This solution also cuts off all contractors' excuses such as "I did not pay because I did not receive the invoice".

In a situation where the customer receives the invoice faster, he will also pay the resulting amounts faster. This will allow the entrepreneur to plan their expenses more efficiently.

Fourth - efficient business processes in the company

Due to the fact that e-invoices guarantee significant savings in time, the entrepreneur may spend it on other activities related to the conducted activity. In addition, if you need to find a document, it is not necessary to throw piles of papers - searching for invoices in the computer database is much faster and more efficient. Such a solution influences the improvement of business processes in the company, and thus - increases its efficiency.

Fifth - ecology

The use of environmentally friendly solutions, such as replacing paper invoices with e-invoices, certainly has a positive effect on the company's image. The available data show that approximately 1.5 billion invoices are issued in Poland annually, which entails cutting out 255 thousand. trees, not to mention the energy or water needed to display them!

By resigning from traditional invoices, it is possible to protect the natural environment and save its resources.

The advantages presented are only some of the positives resulting from the use of e-invoices. The implementation of such a solution will certainly contribute to the improvement of the company's image, and thus increase its value in the eyes of contractors.