E-mail marketing - solution of doubts

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E-mail marketing is one of the most effective forms of promotion. This tool is used by most companies because it works well with both big brands and smaller ones. It is so popular that it also raises many doubts. How to create good content that will inspire your readers' trust? How to avoid spam and what design should our newsletter have?

Newsletter, mailing and autoresponder - what's the difference?

The first point in email marketing to tackle in the beginning is the difference between the three issues of newsletter, mailing, and autoresponder.

  • Newsletter - characterized by cyclical sending and a similar message layout. It helps to stay in constant contact with the client. It should be sent at similar intervals, e.g. every two weeks. Write in it about important information about promotions, new entries on the website or important events in the life of the company. It is worth for the content of the message to be an announcement of what will appear on the website or to bring benefits, e.g. in the form of a rebate code or an e-book with additional content.
  • Mailing - it is usually a one-time promotional campaign to persuade customers to take advantage of a specific offer. Its elements are usually catchy texts, eye-catching graphics and call to action buttons calling for specific actions, e.g. buy now, sign up.
  • Autoresponder - this is an automatic message. It is sent to clients who have performed an action. Usually it is in the form of a thank you or simply informative. Such a mechanism can be set, for example, in an online store after the customer has made a transaction.

E-mail marketing - how to get subscribers?

There are many ways to get the addresses of your newsletter recipients. You can use a Facebook profile, page pop-up, form or offline activities for this. Remember to run an e-mail mechanism that activates the subscription to the subscriber base. This way you will be sure that everyone who got your address really wanted it. If recipients are to fill out the form, require as little data as possible, as Internet users are reluctant to provide it. You can also encourage subscribers by offering a discount or an interesting e-book in return.

How to design a CTA to make it work?

One of the most important elements of mailing is an effective button call to action. This is a link that usually takes you to the campaign's destination, so it should stand out. The most commonly used are graphics in the form of a button or highlighted test links. It is important that the CTA is placed at the top of the page so that it is visible immediately after opening the email, and that it is repeated at the bottom if the message is long. The button may say "Buy Now" or, for example, in the first person singular, "Enter".

What should the content of the email look like?

Of course, there is no golden mean. It all depends on the target group, type of communication or industry. However, there are some general rules. First, it is easier for readers to remember the content of your messages if it is simple and understandable to all. Avoid long descriptions or complicated phrases and definitions, as well as the so-called "Pouring water". Audiences like specifics. Second, write in the language of benefits, thereby increasing conversion and retaining your audience.

How to avoid spam?

Most anti-spam programs work by analyzing the elements of an email and assigning them points. If their number exceeds the scale, the message ends up in spam. To avoid this, you need to pay attention to several activities.

  • do not buy subscriber base

  • always ask for approval to subscribe to your newsletter

  • review your database from time to time and update it on a regular basis, taking into account the activity of individual recipients

  • evenly apply the content of text and graphics

  • do not add heavy attachments, it is better to insert a link redirecting to your website

  • do not use sentences and words that are most popular in spammer ads, such as: "all for free", "for free"

  • do not write your e-mails in capital letters

E-mail marketing is a popular form of promotion, thanks to which you can gain a lot - increase conversion, gain new customers or improve your brand image. There is only one thing that is important to create it the right way and avoid mistakes that can harm your communication.