E-mail marketing is an effective tool for online stores

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Online sales is a challenge and at the same time a pleasant job that allows you to implement your plans and fulfill yourself as a good and respected entrepreneur. The belief that e-commerce is an industry that has limited contact with the customer is wrong and unjustified. Modern technology gives us thousands of possibilities, which are perfect for establishing and maintaining permanent relationships with our Internet users. You just need to catch the wind in your sails and don't miss the e-mail marketing opportunity.

Effective e-mail marketing is a thread that will lead you to the customer himself. First, you need to choose a good and efficient mailing platform. Many of them are free, but there are also some that we have access to after making a certain payment. However, not always what is more expensive is better. First of all, the platform should function quickly and efficiently. You cannot afford long-term problems with sending messages or constantly worry whether the e-mails have reached our recipients. Equally important is the availability of templates that allow you to compose messages. The platform itself will take care of all the graphics. However, one of the most important functions that you need to pay attention to when choosing a mailing platform is a tool that allows you to analyze our e-mails. What does it mean? Through mailing, we can not only communicate with customers, but also track statistics on the e-mails received by recipients. We can find out which of them were opened and which ended up in the trash. Thanks to this, we can easily test our effectiveness and on this basis we will be able to make improvements and changes.

Email Marketing - One Tool, Many Goals

Email is primarily a tool that we use to communicate and send messages. In e-commerce, e-mail marketing can fulfill more than this one function. It all depends on what our goal is and how we want to achieve it. When deciding on a form of marketing such as e-mail marketing, you need to think what exactly you want to achieve with it, and then act. If you do not have an idea for a good use of e-mail in your company, maybe you will like one of the proposed ideas.

  • Sales catalogs - if your goal is to increase sales or show a new collection of clothes or the most modern equipment, you will surely like this form of mailing. The e-mail structured in this way looks like a virtual directory, which is divided into sections in order to make it easier for the recipient to find the product they are interested in. In addition to the content, graphics are also important. You need to interest your client, catch his attention. However, the graphics should not dominate the content. Remember that mailing is not only a form of advertising, but also strengthens the ties between the seller and the customer.

  • Newsletter - an increasingly popular form of e-mail marketing. It is effective and, at the same time, very easy to implement in your campaign. The newsletter focuses primarily on building relationships with the client. This is not a simple advertisement or direct purchase incentive. There is more to it than that, to present your company at its best. The graphics and the title of the message are extremely important here. Ready-made templates are great for this situation. It is worth considering that the newsletter should reflect the company and its character. It should contain the colors of the logotype as well as the name and logo of the company. It is your business card, which, if well designed, will stay in the recipient's memory for a long time. However, you must remember that the newsletter is primarily high-quality content. It must contain specific information, e.g. news from your industry, tutorial videos, curiosities or announcements of new campaigns.

  • Discount coupons and sales - via e-mail you can also provide your customers with discount coupons, vouchers for specific products or inform them about the upcoming sale. They should feel distinguished from among Internet users who do not belong to your mailing base. Give them something from yourself, and it will pay you back in the future. What if the promotion is not encouraging for the customer?

  • Information board - running an online store is not only about selling and constantly looking for new solutions and creating more and more offers. They are also people who work in the company, take care of its development and care for its success. In every company something is happening and in most cases this is what the client is most interested in. He is curious how a given brand works, what it looks like from the kitchen. Tell your subscribers some secrets about your company's life. Keep them informed about upcoming events and completed trainings and workshops. Introduce new employees and show off your industry successes. Thanks to this, you will gain trust among Internet users.

  • Tutorials - play an educational role. You can put them in the form of infographics, presenting the way of using a given product, or an instructional video that shows how to operate a new washing machine or iPhone. New products introduced to the market often cause many problems to users. This is especially true of electronic equipment and modern toys. By sending an e-mail with the instruction manual or the possibility of using a given item, you will not only interest them in something new, but perhaps encourage them to buy.

  • Surveys - You also need feedback from your customers. Build your business on the opinions and ratings of others. You can do this with the help of questionnaires sent to recipients. However, you can't do it too often, as not everyone is willing to answer questions, so make sure that the questionnaire is short, simple and specific to specific information, e.g. customer service, opinions about specific products or the appearance and usability of your website.

The rights that govern email marketing

If we decide to conduct promotional activities such as e-mail marketing, we must remember about the rules that will make us more effective and our work will bring the desired results. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take advantage of the valuable tips. Or maybe you have your own idea how to improve your mailing campaign?

  • Regularity and regular sending of e-mails - this is the main principle of e-mail marketing. Regular does not necessarily mean often, on the contrary. Numerous e-mails can only cause irritation and boredom in the recipient. Better to concentrate on high-quality content than mass mailing. It is worth informing your subscribers about the frequency of receiving emails from you.

  • Current content - you will certainly not interest your recipient in ski equipment on a hot day, when everyone is sunbathing on the beach. Consider each message carefully for a successful campaign.

  • Interesting and content-rich information - in email marketing, you need to focus primarily on building a solid relationship with the customer, not on sales itself. Each tool has a purpose, and email is for communication. In e-commerce, it also plays the role of advertising.

  • Personalization - good e-mail is one that is directed to a specific recipient and contains content that is in line with his interests and preferences.Remember about the direct name return to your subscriber and about the appropriate content.

  • Image and graphics - the text itself may seem boring to some people and sometimes the recipient resigns from reading it. Maybe you should think about interesting graphics, video or infographics. Sometimes it is easier to show something than to describe it.

  • Analysis and changes - track the clicks of the delivered e-mails, you will find out which messages fulfilled their function and were opened, and which ones did not. Perhaps the content was not relevant to the interests of the recipient, or maybe you are making a mistake. The analysis will help you avoid further mistakes when planning your e-mail marketing activities.