E-receipts - changes in the draft regulation regarding cash registers in the form of an application


In recent days, the Ministry of Finance has released information that work is underway on adapting online cash registers to also act as virtual cash registers. The implementation of cash registers in the form of software is associated with the possibility of issuing and transferring receipts in electronic form. However, limits are planned in this matter. When will e-receipts come into force?

The draft regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers in the form of software of January 13, 2020 is already the third version of the proposed regulation. The first version of the project was released in August 2019, however, it aroused a lot of controversy at the consultation stage.

Sales limit for virtual cash registers

According to the latest assumptions, sellers will be able to install the application on a mobile device and use it to generate and send electronic receipts to consumers who agree to it. The installation of virtual cash registers was, however, subject to the limit because it will not apply to entities whose sales in the last two years exceeded the equivalent of EUR 10 million. This restriction will therefore apply to large entrepreneurs, which has caused anxiety especially among the trading industry. At the moment, however, the reasons for the introduced limit are not known. However, if it is maintained, the possibility of having virtual cash registers will apply to 80% of all current retail taxpayers.

E-receipts will be issued via online and offline cash registers!

The new bill also provides for the possibility of issuing receipts in an electronic version without having to print them with the consent of the buyer. Additionally, there will be no need to print receipts when selling from vending machines. Then the receipt will only be displayed to the customer.

E-receipts are to be introduced for virtual cash registers, however, it is anticipated that their shipment will be possible from the currently operating online cash registers, and perhaps even offline, because probably for some time virtual cash registers will not be as popular as currently functioning devices fiscal. However, taking into account that sales support tends to be as mobile as possible, it is important that electronic documents become more and more common as soon as possible.

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