E-court - how to set up a profile in the electronic justice system?

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In the era of the ubiquitous Internet, it is impossible to mention the increasingly popular electronic court system (e-court). This solution is very beneficial from the point of view of entrepreneurs (creditors), as it enables a quick and efficient resolution of the dispute with its contractors (debtors). How to create an account in e-court?

User registration - e-court

The undoubted advantage of the procedure in electronic form is that the party is not obliged to appear in person anywhere, which, especially in the case of entrepreneurs, may be a problem, because, as you know, you often have to give up the previously arranged important meetings in order to appear in court on the set date. The economic factor is also important, as such proceedings are conducted in electronic form (EPU) and are characterized by relatively low costs compared to traditional court methods of debt recovery.

E-court - creating a profile

In order to benefit from this type of facility, you must first set up an e-court account in which to proceed. We register by going to the website www.e-sad.gov.pl. Click the "Register an account" tab in the main menu at the top of the page and choose the type of account from among three options:

  • basic account,
  • bailiff's account,
  • court employee account.

Select the correct type and click "NEXT". Then we need to fill in detailed information about ourselves:

  • name,
  • second name,
  • last name,
  • family name,
  • Place of birth,
  • pesel,
  • ID card,
  • ID number and series,
  • e-mail adress.

Now we also have to select the appropriate profile of our account again, we choose the profile from the types presented to us, i.e .:

  • basic profile,
  • mass plaintiff profile,
  • professional representative profile.

Select the appropriate one and click "NEXT". Then the system will redirect us to the "system access data" section, where we will be asked to set a password for our profile, and we must fill in the "question and answer" field, which are auxiliary security in case we forget our password. Also at this point, we will be asked to rewrite the text from the image displayed - this is a protection against malware. If we have done all the steps correctly, click the "SUBMIT APPLICATION" button.

At this point, we should receive a message that our application will be verified within 2 business days, and the activation link to our account has been sent to our e-mail address. Such a message means that the account application has been sent electronically to the e-court and we now only need to wait for the information about the account creation, which will be sent to us by e-mail. The final stage of account registration is to enter your e-mail address and click on the activation link received. Only at this point can we fully use the profile.