E-Tax Office offers a new service!


Since the e-Tax Office service has been in operation, taxpayers can settle many matters electronically without the need to visit the tax office directly. The Ministry of Finance is constantly working to ensure that the system allows you to settle further matters without leaving your home around the clock, thus informing you about access to the new service. We checked what functionality was introduced to the electronic tax office!

E-Tax Office and the new service

The E-Tax Office now offers a new service that facilitates communication with the tax administration for users, because now partners of partnerships can verify company data in the electronic system without leaving their home.

The new service will be available to partners in the following companies: civil law, general partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership and partnership, having access not only to their information, but also to the identification data of other companies.

The introduction of the new function was aimed at facilitating the verification of the correctness of data, as now access to it was possible at the moment of a direct visit to the tax office.

To enter the E-Tax Office, you need to log in via the taxki.gov.pl website, using the Trusted Profile, e-Proof or via electronic banking.

Another new services offered by the e-Tax Office

The creators of the website announced further changes. Later this year, it is planned to implement further new services - downloading tax certificates and enabling notaries to submit notarial deeds directly from the website to the tax office.

From the new year, in turn, the function of interactive tax forms, currently available via e-Deklaracje, will be introduced, as well as a service dedicated to court bailiffs.