Instagram effects - what tools to use to measure them?

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You decided to set up your company profile on Instagram. You upload interesting photos, graphics, more followers and comments - but you still do not know, for example, by which tags your profile was found on the website. To get accurate statistics on your Instagram profile, you need to use the right tools. So how to effectively measure the effects of Instagram?

Instagram effects - how to measure them?

While the number of followers and comments on your Instagram posts is quite substantial, you still don't know exactly how these numbers translate into your company's business goals. Is brand awareness and sales increasing significantly at the same time? If so, is it due to keeping an Instagram profile or are there other reasons?

The EEIA model created by Don Bartholomew is very often used to measure the impact of marketing activities in social media. This model presents four types of social media activities.

E - exposure - exposure,

E - engagement - commitment,

I - influence - influence,

A - action - action, action.

An exhibition is called everything that is published on the profile. These are all activities aimed at increasing the reach of a specific website or profile - incl. adding posts, photos, videos. Involvement is the action of recipients - observing, "liking", commenting or sharing materials published on your profile, as well as, for example, subscribing to the profile itself. Impact is a fairly hard-to-measure indicator because it represents the actual increase in brand awareness among fans of your profile - whether the brand is recommended to others, whether your followers identify with it, or whether their approach or awareness of it changes. At the end there is an action - a specific action of the recipient, in the case of social media it can be a purchase of a specific product or sending an inquiry.

What is Instagram talking about?

However, you will not learn about all elements of the EEIA model from Instagram itself. In its analytical part, the website will give you answers only regarding exposure and engagement - you can track the number of people watching your profile and the number of people you follow, the number of comments and likes on posts and published posts. These are the only effects from Instagram that you can track on the website itself. Admit that it is a bit too little to be able to effectively check the impact of the profile on your marketing goals.

How to measure other Instagram effects?

Some analytical tools may prove to be useful here - the most important of them are Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) and Free Instagram User Report. Both of them will allow you to analyze in more detail what effects from Instagram are visible in your marketing activities.


It is a friendly and easy-to-use analytical tool for Instagram. You will start working with him by authorizing your Instagram and providing your e-mail address and the purpose of the analyzes carried out with Iconosquare. With Iconosquare, you can also manage your Instagram profile (apart from the option of adding photos). In addition, the tool allows additional options such as the ability to create a photo collage, add a button to your website, etc.

What Instagram effects can you measure with Iconosquare? Three indicators, visible in the attached screenshot - love rate, talk rate and spread rate - allow you to check the engagement of your followers. Love rate shows your followers' engagement and how they 'like' your content, talk rate - engagement and comments from followers on your posts, and spread rate - activity on your profile of non-followers.

You can also observe statistics on content and audience engagement - you can check, for example, which tags were used most often, at what times of the day the highest engagement towards your posts was shown, what were the most frequently used filters, etc. You can observe reports showing the effects of Instagram on a weekly basis or monthly. Thanks to Iconosquare, you also have regard for the community around your profile - the tool groups its members according to the "directions" they follow. The analytical part of Iconosquare is only available for free in a seven-day trial version. There are charges for further use.

Free Instagram User Report

With this tool, you can get a report on your Instagram profile for the last nine weeks. You will start work by entering your profile name - in order to obtain a report, you must complete a personal questionnaire (see photo below). You must provide personal data, e-mail address, telephone number, specify who needs this report (company or agency) - then also enter the name of the company or agency and its website.

In return for a free Instagram report, Simply Measured asks you to follow their Twitter profile. What can you learn from the report? Among other things, about the engagement on your profile, the most engaging post, likes and comments broken down into photos and videos, the best photo and video filters, and, interestingly, the report will present the analysis of words in the comments under your posts and the most active commenters .

It is worth following the Instagram effects carefully. Thanks to an in-depth analysis, you will be able to influence the conversion more effectively, and thus - you will also get closer to the set marketing goals. You will be able to observe more precisely the behavior of your target group, the effectiveness of the published content or the recognition of your profile on the website. However, remember that an Instagram profile is only one of the possible elements in your company's marketing campaign. Simultaneously develop and analyze your other social media projects as well.