Efficiency - 8 tips on how to increase it

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We want to be effective - both at work and in other activities. But sometimes, while we think we're really trying, nothing comes of it. Fortunately, efficiency can be increased in many ways. Read this article, where we will describe some of the ways that may work well for your level of effectiveness.

Why do we value efficiency?

Efficiency is a feature that we especially value. It ensures effectiveness, efficiency and better achievements in both professional and private spheres. That is why we feel bad about ourselves when our efficiency drops. We want to increase its level and it's no wonder. Thanks to this, we will perform all tasks better, more efficiently and faster, which is usually associated with self-satisfaction and greater development.

How to increase efficiency?

Effectiveness, like many other soft skills, can be increased. How can I do that?

  1. Plan your activities
    There are many opponents and supporters of planning. First of all, a good list-making system that suits us cannot be developed overnight, and it involves a lot of work. However, it is worth trying to plan - at least the time of work. First of all, we will not miss anything, secondly, we will free ourselves from all unnecessary tasks that go through our heads and interfere with our work, and thirdly, deleting subsequent tasks gives us satisfaction and drives us to act. If we have a problem with efficiency, it is really worth starting planning. It is best to spend a few or a dozen minutes on it in the evening to start working immediately in the morning. Of course, it's not about planning your day to the minute - the margin for error is important. Not selecting a task from the list should not frustrate us, after all, life is unpredictable and the day may not go exactly as we would like it to.

  2. Do the hardest in the beginning
    At the beginning of work or other tasks that need to be performed, we usually have the most energy, but we often waste it on the easiest tasks. It is worth performing difficult duties at the beginning. Then, when our energy levels drop, we will have them behind us and we will be able to take care of the less important.

  3. Use your moments of motivation
    If you have a moment of your day when your motivation peaks, make good use of it. When you want to do something, go ahead with the most difficult tasks right away, or at least do some of them to leave only the simplest steps. By adopting such a system, you have the opportunity to build habits. Thanks to this, you will increase your efficiency and feel more productive. Thus, you will feel better, more confident and the level of your work will increase.

  4. Look after yourself
    It's hard to be effective when we don't take care of ourselves. We must remember how important our well-being is. Performing tasks without energy is much more difficult. What is worth paying attention to?
    Let's get enough sleep! Let us remember the importance of sleep. If we do not take care of it, from the morning we will feel like a zombie who will not be able to think without a drip of coffee. Certainly, feeling this way from the very morning is not conducive to efficiency. Let's listen to our body, check how many hours of sleep we need and try not to reduce this dose. The more tired we are, the worse we work, we are more susceptible to infections and, above all, exposed to burnout. We should also remember how important relaxation and rest are. Let's try every day to find even a moment just for ourselves. Let us recharge the batteries and try to think only of ourselves. Let's drink water, because dehydration is also not effective. Let's put a glass next to us and keep it always full. We should also remember about morning hydration - after a few hours of sleep and lack of fluid supply, the body needs them. Let us not deny him this. Let's give up large doses of sugar - our body has to really work to digest it, it loses a lot of energy, and we become sleepy and "useless". Avoiding sugary drinks and snacks will certainly benefit you.

  5. Highlight what is most important
    The task hierarchy is also important in improving your level of effectiveness. When you make a list, somehow mark tasks that are important or especially urgent. Thanks to this, you will not focus on what is less important, but, for example, simple and less demanding.

  6. Stop making excuses
    The weather is bad, my knee hurts, I can't sleep at night, someone upset me in public transport - how many such excuses can you come up with? Get over it and stop procrastinating for irrelevant reasons. You decrease your effectiveness, you become less effective, your results are not good, and your work stands still. Freeing yourself from excuses is not easy, but it is possible, just try it!

  7. Solve problems right away
    If something takes a moment, do it right now, don't put it off until later. Thanks to this, you will solve many tasks at an express pace and you will not be stressed that something is constantly happening and you cannot keep up.

  8. Clean it up
    Nothing is more efficient than ... clean space. Of course, not everyone likes sterile conditions, but many of us start our work with cleaning up - it's a very good habit. The cleaner is, the more we can focus on what we actually need to do. If we know that we have a busy day ahead, let's clean up the day before. Starting work in such conditions will immediately motivate us and make our efficiency increase.

Greater efficiency certainly means greater opportunities and successes. The presented tips will certainly help in better planning and organization of your tasks, but it is worth testing different methods and finding the ones that will be most helpful for you. It is worth training good habits, thanks to which we will be able to achieve the set goals and deal with a lot of work with ease.