Electronic driving license - always at hand


On December 5, 2020, the obligation to have a driving license with you was abolished. The driver will not be fined for not having such a document, and his driving qualifications will be checked electronically. What exactly are the rights and obligations of drivers after the change in regulations? What documents do you still need to carry with you? Find the answers in the article below!

Are there documents that the traffic office can still request?

When analyzing the detailed provisions of the Road Traffic Act, it should be stated that the Act currently stipulates that the driver is obliged to have the following documents required for a given type of vehicle or driver when driving a vehicle and to present it to an authorized body at the request of an authorized body:

  • a document confirming the right to drive a vehicle other than the driving license issued in the country or a permit to drive a tram, if the driver does not have a driving license issued in the country or a permit to drive a tram;
  • a certificate of a technical inspection carried out with a positive result in the scope of equipping the vehicle with an alcohol interlock in the event of limiting the right to drive vehicles only equipped with an alcohol interlock;
  • report from the last technical roadside inspection, if such was carried out - in the case of a vehicle of categories M2, M3, N2 and N3, trailers of categories O3 and O4 and a wheeled tractor of category T5 used on a public road for commercial transport of goods;
  • permission to drive an emergency vehicle in the scope of a specific driving license category;
  • a document confirming the calibration of the alcohol interlock, issued by the manufacturer of the device or his authorized representative;
  • a receipt for stopping a driving license or a tram driving license, a registration certificate or a temporary license, a professional registration certificate - during the period in which it authorizes you to drive or use the vehicle;
  • other documents, if such an obligation results from a separate act.

From 2018, vehicle drivers are not required to have a civil liability insurance policy and vehicle registration certificate with them. From December 5, 2020, they do not need to show a driving license. However, in special and rare cases, some specific documents still need to be carried with you. The driver of a vehicle registered abroad participating in traffic in the territory of the Republic of Poland is obliged to have with him and to present at the request of an authorized body the above documents and a document confirming the vehicle's entry into service and a document confirming the conclusion of a compulsory third party liability insurance contract of the vehicle owner or proof of payment of the premium for this insurance. . Drivers who have a driving license issued in Poland are not required to have it with them while driving and to show it in the event of an inspection. However, drivers using a foreign driving license must still have it when driving the vehicle and show it at the request of the inspector.

MLawo driving service

Due to the abolition of the obligation to have a driving license with them by persons driving vehicles, the Ministry of Digital Affairs has launched a new mobile service - mDriving license (electronic driving license). By downloading the government application to your smartphone, you gain remote access to the Central Register of Drivers. Using the screen with the mDriving license view, you can prove your driving license. The Ministry of Digitization informs that the application is free, and the data collected as part of it is encrypted and signed with a certificate. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

How does the traffic police check the driver's qualifications?

It is worth noting that the amendment did not replace the traditional driving license with an electronic document, but completely abolished the obligation to have a driving license with you. Therefore, there is also no obligation to have a phone with you with the mPrawo driving application installed.

In the event of a roadside check, the police will check the driving license by checking the driver in the Central Register of Drivers. This register contains information on all drivers. It is also possible to check in the records that the driving license has not been retained.

The driving license may also be checked by each driver on their own by completing the form on the website: https://www.gov.pl/web/gov/sprawdz-uprawnienia-kierowcy.