Electronic performance titles - when will the changes take place?


Creditors will soon be sending electronic writs of execution. What are the benefits and when will it happen? Check!

Electronic performance titles - what will change?

Creditors will start sending electronic writs of execution to the tax office. This will be introduced on April 30, 2021 - it was supposed to have happened earlier, but there were delays due to the ongoing pandemic. This activity should facilitate the submission of enforcement applications and writs of execution to the tax office. For creditors, it announces that the sending of documents to the KAS will be faster and the time to start enforcement will be shortened.

The provision of electronic performance titles is set to become mandatory. They will be sent via the ICT system or through the use of electronic communication means. An exception to this rule - i.e. when it will be possible to deliver documents in paper form - is to be when technical problems arise when trying to send them electronically.

It is currently legal to deliver writs of execution electronically, but many creditors do provide paper documents. This entails unnecessary costs for the enforcement authority and the creditor. In addition, the changes will contribute to the automatic registration of the writ of execution and the liquidation of the dispute regarding the jurisdiction of the local enforcement bodies.