Electronic Information Circulation in the Company - free conference


Free conference EOIF - Electronic Information Flow in the Company

March 28, 2019 | Łódź

The Electronic Information Circulation in the Company is a free conference devoted to technologies that improve management, information flow and digitization of documentation. We invite all people who are interested in solutions and tools to simplify management in any institution or enterprise, regardless of its size and industry, to participate.

Electronic Information Circulation in the Company - what is the conference program?

During the conference you can find out, among others:

* What can the enterprise gain by improving the flow of information?

* What IT system will be the most appropriate for a given company?

* Is full digitization of documents possible at all?

During the meeting, expert lectures will be held, and representatives of leading companies will present their solutions. This year, the group of exhibitors was joined by, among others ELO Digital Office, BeOne, ASTRAFOX, Komputronik Biznes and Samsung Electronics Polska, byteLAKE, SkanSerwis and AutoID Polska.

Selected lectures:

+ Documentation. Demonstrating compliance with the GDPR (Marlena Sakowska-Baryła and Magdalena Czaplińska from Sakowska-Baryła, Czaplińska Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska)

+ ELO - the perfect basis for GDPR compliance (Elke Schoenemann from ELO Digital Office)

+ Digital transformation with the Alfresco platform (Marcin Makowski from BeOne)

+ E-files - we shorten the time of storing employee files (Agnieszka Kaczmarek from the 1st ZUS Branch in Łódź)

+ 5 reasons why measuring changes will ensure project success (Anna Buczek from #LPPO)

+ Modern visual communication and proprietary solutions for document circulation (Grzegorz Nowicki from Samsung Electronics and Włodzimierz Urbański from Komputronik Biznes)

+ Document flow on the example of invoice flow and employee portal (Przemysław Sołdacki, Astrafox)

+ Information management in the company and process automation using artificial intelligence (Marcin Rojek, byteLAKE)

+ More topics coming soon ....

More information and a free registration form on the event website.

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