The internship pension will allow for an earlier termination of professional activity


More changes in pensions are coming. This time the president himself proposed a new idea. What is the internship pension supposed to consist of and is it likely to come into force?

Currently, you can apply for a pension after reaching the appropriate age

Pension is currently available to people who have reached the general retirement age. Here, however, there is a gender division. The benefit will be given to:

  • a woman who is at least 60 years old

  • a man who has reached 65 years of age.

Early retirement is possible when working in particularly difficult and dangerous conditions. Then the retirement age may be lowered from 5 to even 15 years from the general age.

The internship pension for people with contribution periods

Recently, Andrzej Duda has returned to the proposals forced by Solidarity and OPZZ, which concern obtaining the right to a retirement pension earlier than after reaching the general retirement age. The so-called retirement pension would depend on the number of years worked. This means that it would be entitled to persons who prove that they have an appropriate number of contribution periods, which will also be different in terms of sex and will amount to:

  • 35 years for women

  • 40 years for men.

Following this lead, it will be possible to apply for a pension even before the age of 55. It should be borne in mind that early retirement would be a right and not an obligation for those who meet the above conditions. It is worth bearing in mind that a faster retirement pension means lower benefits than in the case of postponing contributions until the end of the retirement age. The decision to stop working early should be carefully considered.

Reactions to the President's Proposal

However, the government is not positive about this idea. An internship pension would represent a revolution in the labor market, where there is already a shortage of people. In addition, according to, the cost of such a reform would amount to about PLN 13 billion a year, and as you know, the Social Insurance Fund has been empty for a long time.

Poland, as usual, goes ahead

The vast majority of countries in Europe pay a benefit that depends not on the length of service, but on the age reached. Moreover, 80% of these countries have the same retirement age for men and women - it is usually 65. There is no need to hide that we cannot afford such a solution.The mere return to a lower retirement age in 2017 was problematic, so we assume that this idea will remain one of the election promises in the presidential campaign.