Business ethics - what are the basic values?

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Author: Renata Wrona, head of the PRIME IMAGE agency

In the modern world, ethics has become a guide for dealing with both entrepreneurs and employees. This is the only correct, though not always followed, direction of achieving financial and professional success.

Ethics in business is the relationship between the company and its customers, business partners, employees and competitors. These relations must comply with applicable law and accepted rules of conduct. They also include adherence to the norms set by society. These standards are constantly verified by the public.

Enterprises, striving to achieve the highest possible profit and minimize their own costs, sometimes make controversial decisions, contrary to the norms of social coexistence. These decisions concern business partners, employees, customers and competitors.

Business ethics should be the basis of any organization's activities. Knowing and applying it serves to do business better. Ethical responsibility can improve the company's operation and reduce the costs of possible conflicts resulting from the lack of knowledge of the moral rules by the business world.

Business ethics - basic values

The core values ​​of business ethics include:

  • responsibility, which means that the company is ready to take responsibility for the impact it has on the environment and readiness to change and to withdraw from wrong decisions and take responsibility for the resulting damage,
  • transparency, i.e. sharing information about decisions and activities related to those aspects of the company's operation that are related to the society,
  • ethical behavior when all decisions are made and carried out with honesty, integrity, credibility and without accepting or giving illegal benefits. Ethical behavior is also the personal values ​​and sense of responsibility of the owner of the company, readiness to treat other people as equals, honesty and commitment,
  • active presence in the environment, i.e. awareness that the company does not operate in isolation from the environment. Cooperation and local activity are important.

It is worth remembering that the company is created by people and for the company's operations to be ethical, the behavior of its employees must also be appropriate. The dishonesty of employees or their reprehensible behavior affects the reputation of the entire company. The company's showcase is its employees, therefore it is important to select the right staff in the company.

Ethical behavior of the boss and employee

What is really important in human relations, including those of a business nature? The key are:

  • respect for others (respect for their dignity, beliefs, views),
  • maintaining professional secrecy and confidentiality of data,
  • honest performance of one's duties,
  • care for a good atmosphere at work,
  • discrimination intolerance.

A good atmosphere at work promotes commitment and motivates to better achievements. The role of the superior is to create working conditions in which relations between people are based on integrity, honesty and cooperation.

It is worth establishing a code of ethics in the company. The code should be written in clearly defined sections and communicated to employees at all levels of employment. Such action facilitates compliance with the rules of ethics in the workplace and eliminates any possible misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the importance of the topic, which is ethics in business. Also, writing down the company's mission and goals helps in observing ethical behavior in the company.