European social media - where are they most popular?

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Social media in Europe

The website is still the most popular tool in e-marketing, according to the latest Eurostat survey. Thirty percent of European companies use at least one social media, and only eight have developed a separate policy for using these platforms.

As many as 94% of Finnish and 92% of Danish enterprises have a website - record holders in the EU. The worst in this respect are the two countries that have recently joined the Community, namely Romania and Bulgaria - 42% and 47% respectively. Poland, where every third company runs its own website, ranks roughly in the middle.

When it comes to using at least one social media medium, Malta (55%), the Netherlands (50%) and Ireland (48%) are in the lead. Here, too, Poland achieves a result below the European average - 19%. Interestingly, this percentage is the same as in Romania and France, but higher than in the Czech Republic. In the overall ranking, Bulgaria's result is the most surprising (31%), which is so poor in terms of websites.

Although social media is a willingly chosen marketing platform by companies from EU countries, few businesses have a separate policy of using these tools. According to Eurostat, in our country only 3% of entrepreneurs implement such solutions - the EU average is 8%. The Polish result is the worst in terms of ex-aequo with Hungary and Latvia. Ireland (20%) and the Netherlands (18%) boast the highest percentage.

Eurostat research shows that social media has not yet convinced many European entrepreneurs. The low percentage of those companies that have a developed social media policy indicates that they have not yet acquired the status of an equal marketing tool. In view of the growing popularity of e-marketing, this situation is sure to change - growing expenditures on internet and mobile advertising indicate that cyberspace is the future for business.