Events as an important part of the company - from organization to participation in the event

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An inherent element of the functioning of any company on the market is appropriate promotion, the purpose of which is to build awareness. In the era of various ways of promoting the brand against the competition, one of the more and more common forms of promotion are events. Participation in industry events, both on the organizational and exhibition side, as well as the recipient, is a solid dose of benefits for the entire company. So what should be remembered to make an investment in events a measurable benefit for each party, regardless of the nature of participation? We will try to answer this question in the article below.

Events in Poland - the situation on the market

The Polish event organization market is developing every year. The best confirmation of this thesis is the report of the Polish Tourist Organization "Meetings and events industry in Poland", which shows that in 2016 nearly 40,000 events took place in Poland. events attended by over 6 million participants. Based on the data from the study, it can be concluded that for the organizers, exhibitors and participants themselves, events are a valuable investment that brings specific benefits.

What are the benefits of participating in events?

The key factor is, above all, the possibility of establishing valuable business contacts and monitoring current trends, which is often a source of many inspirations, innovative solutions or a completely refreshed way of thinking.

When participating in the conference, there is also a high probability of meetings with influencers, industry experts or company representatives. It's connected with:

  • knowledge exchange,

  • establishing cooperation

  • just building relationships.

Similar benefits result from participation in fairs, which additionally provide an opportunity to present your offer to the right group of recipients and to attract new customers.

In addition, it is worth providing the subordinate employees with the opportunity to participate in industry events. The willingness to expand their competences and professional development will have a positive impact not only on themselves, but will also bring many benefits to the company in the future.

The correct course of the event - how to plan the event?

The priority step is to recognize the need to measure and the value that comes from implementing innovation in your company. Depending on which role has been assigned, it is worth remembering the assumptions that are specific to each group:

  1. Organizer - For the creator of the event, the most important thing is to know which solutions met the expectations of the participants, how they engaged in particular activities and how they interacted with others. Without this knowledge, it is not possible to adjust the event to the recipients. In the future, this will allow you to choose the right topics and speakers.

Collecting feedback is not always easy. For this purpose, instead of paper questionnaires, electronic questionnaires will be a much more useful tool. Thanks to them, participants will be able to express their opinion quickly and easily.

Another way are the so-called QR codes or Beacons - modern tools that allow you to accurately measure the course of the participants' movements around the facility and their level of interest. Thanks to QR codes, it is possible to contact and verify participants' profiles. And beacons are used to deliver messages about the flow of people. The information collected in this way is then a good source of knowledge on how to better adjust the event in the future.

  1. Exhibitor - Taking into account that the main goal of the exhibitor during the fair is to attract customers, it is important to properly prepare for the event. It is best to start by looking for a suitable event in which the selected target group can participate. By using the QR code technology, by means of a competition announcement or promotion, participants can be encouraged to visit the stand. The tool can also be used as business cards, which in turn will allow you to conveniently prepare a report on the trip. The established contacts will be located in one place, which improves the process of analysis and drawing conclusions for the future.

  2. Participant - The key issue when choosing a given event is to estimate its quality using various sources. It is also worth choosing those events where you can acquire new customers with high probability. For this purpose, it is good to establish the first contact in advance and try to make an appointment to have a chance to talk to an interesting person. It is also a good idea to plan a budget for the trip. For this purpose, monitoring of rebate campaigns of selected events or the use of platforms that guarantee the best price offer will work.

Is it worth getting involved in events? - summary

Participation in events is an ideal platform for building relationships. These types of ties serve sales, which in turn is a measurable benefit and the main purpose of going to an event. Developing competences or acquiring valuable business contacts results in the development of your own company. However, even the best idea of ​​an event will not be effective without a proper profitability assessment.