EVP - what does this abbreviation mean for the employer?

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The people who work in them are the pillars of enterprises. Their competences and skills allow them to be successful and profitable. Employees, especially specialists, are constantly in demand on the labor market. Obviously, once we attract a candidate, we want to keep him for as long as possible. In addition, we must have something that will make such a person want to work with us and will take it seriously, show commitment. Thanks to the appropriate EVP, the candidate may decide that it is in this company that he wants to perform his duties. What does this abbreviation mean? We will answer in this article.

What is EVP?

EVP is the Employer (or Employee) Value Proposition, i.e. the unique values ​​of the employer. What are they? These are positive associations with the company and its values. They affect the candidate who decides to apply to the company, and if he already works for it - stay with it.

It is important that these values ​​are unique and, above all, true - copying beautiful-sounding slogans or EVP from another employer is certainly not a good move. In addition, it should be remembered that these are not only slogans - it is also a selection of graphics, text, places to communicate with the candidate, tailored to their profile.

Generally speaking, the stronger a brand is, the more attractive it will be to candidates. Strength is also influenced by EVP. A well-developed one will help in motivating employees and their commitment to work, and will attract candidates with its attractiveness.

It is recognized that EVP is a key element in building the employer's brand, i.e. in employer branding. Setting a value can allow the company to find its strengths, but not only that - you can also see what we need to fix and what we need to work on.

What should EVP be based on?

It is recognized that the EVP concept should be based on 5 pillars.

  1. Truthfulness - it is obvious that after starting work, the candidate will verify what he has learned about the company before and during the recruitment process. Therefore, the values ​​must be true, not just a slogan. Lying will not attract and retain workers.

  2. Achievability - The values ​​set by the employer should also be achievable. If we know at the very beginning that they are not feasible, we stop believing in their truthfulness.

  3. Stability - employees appreciate stability, not only of employment, but also of employers and their brands. Therefore, it is also worth setting stable values.

  4. Uniqueness - there will be many companies on the market with a profile similar to ours. Besides, nowadays the candidate has access to companies all over the world. Therefore, it is worth to stand out, not to duplicate, find something unique.

  5. Attractiveness - values ​​should also be attractive, should evoke positive feelings in the candidates and have good associations. We like to cooperate with companies with which we have good associations.

How to determine EVP?

First of all, if we want to set the unique values ​​of our company, we must carefully consider what makes us stand out in the market that candidates should pay attention to.

Here it is also worth considering why the employees who have been working with us for many years are still with us, which makes them want to do work for us, which is important to them and made them committed. In this case, you can't just wonder - let's just ask. Let's talk to employees, see what they like the most about work, why they value the atmosphere.

Already at this stage, we can find out that there is something that makes us stand out from other companies in our industry. Talking to employees and taking their views into account on this matter is really important!

Remember not to copy EVP from other entrepreneurs. Only unique values ​​can attract candidates to us!
If we do not work out our own values, it will really only be empty words, and candidates and employees will quickly realize that we are being dishonest.
Unfortunately, such behavior can only harm us and it is certainly not worth considering even for a moment.

EVP risk

Of course, EVP also comes with risks. The big advantage of setting unique values ​​is the ability to attract valuable employees thanks to them and keep them in your company. So what are the downsides?

If we solve this issue incorrectly, forget about the aforementioned pillars, copy values ​​from others, we will turn out to be unattractive in the eyes of the candidates. Not only will they waste time, but so will we as entrepreneurs. Additional recruitment also means additional costs.

Lying is always risky as employees will discover it quickly. It is not worth basing your values ​​on it, it will certainly not bring you anything good. Employees do not want to be deluded, as soon as they discover the false, they will leave.