Facebook is not for everyone - when to unsubscribe from a profile?

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Today, keeping a Facebook profile by the company is practically obligatory. Many companies also treat this channel as an opportunity or a last resort. They imagine that by means of advertising on this social networking site they will build a community of loyal customers and generate a multitude of new leads. Unfortunately, to the surprise of many, Facebook does not always work in every case, and sometimes it is even worth giving up running a company profile on this social network. Find out why Facebook is not for everyone.

Facebook is not for everyone and it is not free

Many business owners and Internet marketing specialists assume that advertising on Facebook is free and that it will always be. Nothing could be more wrong. Another mistake is to think that a Facebook profile will cure the lack of customers and save the company from bankruptcy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Here are some reasons why Facebook is not the solution and foundation of marketing for every business:

  • many business owners are counting on Facebook to be a free channel for promoting the company.Unfortunately, although cheaper than many other forms of advertising, a campaign on Facebook may also require large financial outlays, especially in the initial stages of fanpage development. In addition, it should also be remembered that not every business will be successful in communicating with customers on Facebook. If you are a manufacturer of welding machine components, you will probably gather a smaller group of fans than a clothing brand.

  • In its operation, Facebook gives us a large tool for communication and delivering content that users like and want to read. However, this opportunity is both an opportunity and a curse. It excludes novelties, innovations and avant-garde solutions, because it mainly takes into account the information that users already know and like well. Therefore, often a funny meme attracts more attention than carefully planned, succinct posts.

  • in social media, especially on Facebook, it's not difficult to get into crises. In a place where consumers can express their opinion, one determined user is enough to tarnish the company's opinion for a long time. Therefore, you should not resort to communication on Facebook if our company has already found itself in a crisis, because creating a profile can do more harm than help.

  • Facebook is not always the best choice. Many companies will achieve greater communication success on another social network. For example, if you design interiors or run a furniture company, photos of interior arrangements with your products or projects made by you, which you put on Instagram, will be much better. By limiting yourself to Facebook only, you might miss the chance to get a lot of customers on another channel.

  • Facebook advertising will not always be free. The website is already testing the new feature in some countries. The whole thing will be divided into two channels - in one, the user will see materials shared by friends and family, and in the other, posts published by previously liked fan pages. It's easy to guess that only companies that buy paid advertising will get into the first section, which will force small businesses to invest in a Facebook campaign.

What's next for advertising on Facebook?

Of course, after the full implementation of paid ads on Facebook, it may turn out that both feeds enjoy the same user interest. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that Facebook is not and never will be a free advertising platform. It is a company that aims to make money, and thus tries to build a community, thanks to which companies need activities in its area, and not the other way around.