Facebook makes it easy to organize your timeline contests

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Facebook and contests - what will change?

Organizing competitions on the company's Facebook timeline will be easier from now on and in accordance with the regulations. On August 28, the website announced that it was giving up a number of restrictions and allowing contests to be held using the "Like!" Button. and the option to add comments under the appropriate post. On the other hand, Facebook will add a disclaimer to the regulations regarding the prohibition of marking profile fans in the competition photo.

Currently, the vast majority of competitions organized on the website were conducted contrary to the regulations. Facebook banned games for fans that took place using the site's native functions. Instead, it allowed its application to be used to conduct the contest and to be linked to it on the organizer's timeline.

The introduced changes are aimed at facilitating promotional campaigns, in particular for smaller enterprises. The prior requirement to use the relevant applications will become only one of the timeline contest options. Other possibilities of organizing promotional campaigns on Facebook, proposed and in accordance with the regulations:

  • Like or comment on the company's post,
  • sending a message to the company,
  • using the "Like!" button as a voting mechanism.

Despite a number of novelties, Facebook's policy regarding running contests on private websites will not change. This action will still be considered prohibited. In addition, there will be a ban on persuading users to tag themselves in photos that are not related to them in any way.

Organizing a competition using the app incurs expenses, so the promised changes are viewed positively. A number of small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to benefit from them. Larger companies that have previously used an available application will likely stay with a paid option that makes it easier to collect and manage large amounts of data obtained from running competitions.