Fanpage on Facebook - how much does the company cost?

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It has been known for a long time that conducting promotional activities in social media is a necessity for companies that want to build their image on the web. In order to be visible on the market, brands are trying to outdo each other in new ideas for social media campaigns. Almost every industry will find a place for itself there. Facebook is still the most popular social networking site among marketers. However, a fanpage on Facebook often entails considerable costs, which companies are not fully aware of at first. What budget should be allocated for such activities to bring the desired results? How not to be deceived by unreliable agencies?

Fanpage on Facebook - who needs to run it?

To run a fan page, a company can hire its own community manager or use the offer of an agency professionally dealing with activities in social media. The costs of such a service are usually an hourly rate of several people who make up a team of social media specialists. Among them should be:

  • community manager - this is the person responsible for posting entries, responding to comments and moderating current discussions. Follows the fanpage on Facebook almost all the time to quickly react to any activity on the website,

  • content designer - creates entries on the fanpage - both text and graphic, i.e. photos or infographics, which are an interesting supplement to activities on Facebook

  • graphics - very often needed to process profile photos or those posted on the website

  • analyst - this person is responsible for reporting activities and measuring the assumed KPIs. Usually, they use programs that monitor fanpage activity and generate results at the end of the month.

  • Facebook Ads specialist - deals with the advertising panel and optimization of ads so that its costs are as low as possible.

  • social media manager - cares about the quality of posts and ensures that all activities are consistent with the brand strategy.

It is also important to agree the settlement rules with the agency in the entire transaction. The most common practice is to contract two posts a day. However, keep in mind that it often takes much longer to create such posts than to simply post them. In addition, the fanpage must be monitored practically 24 hours a day, which also includes the team's hourly rate.

Costs of running a fan page on Facebook

The prices of running a fan page on Facebook range from 100 to even 10,000 PLN. These costs are made up of the work of fewer or more team members. To calculate the monthly cost of running a website, the hourly rate of a given specialist should be taken into account. Let's assume that it is PLN 100 per hour of work of one person from the agency side. If you add up the daily number of working hours, for example of a community manager, you can find out that he spends about 2 hours a day on checking activity - this applies to one fan page. As a result, the monthly work of one specialist costs PLN 6,000.

If the advertiser wants to promote in a non-standard way and engage his customers more, he should take into account additional costs. A fan page competition may attract the attention of recipients, but remember that apart from the cost of the prizes, these also include additional working hours of the agency. It is an interesting idea to regularly publish content video, however, several specialists must also work on its creation.

Of course, there are plenty of offers from non-professional agencies providing their services at very low prices. Usually, however, low prices go hand in hand with not very high quality of activities. Therefore, when choosing an agency, you should check opinions, compare offers and, above all, do not be guided solely by the financial criterion.

The number of fans and the size of the fan page are also important. A website that is followed by several thousand people runs differently than one with several hundred thousand fans. If your Facebook fanpage is larger, you need to check it more often, reply to comments and messages more often, and even add more posts.

So there is no clear answer how much does a fanpage on Facebook cost. There are different rates and price lists on the market. However, it is worth remembering that when choosing the right agency, you should take into account all the aspects that make up the effective running of a fan page. If we only focus on low costs, we can be counterproductive and do more harm than help the brand.