Illusion Farm - a great place for a trip with children!

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Free weekends, especially during the summer period, is a time when many of us are looking for interesting places for a short trip. Especially those who have children have to face the search for attractions that will appeal to both the youngest and the older adventurers. So if you are looking for ideas for such a trip, it is definitely worth considering a place where you can spend a day filled with attractions. The Illusion Farm will be a great choice for both slightly older and younger children. What does this place offer? Where is? We suggest in the article!

Where is the Illusion Farm located?

Before we talk about how many attractions there are in the Illusion Farm, it's worth knowing its location. The Education and Entertainment Park is located in the village of Mościska next to Wola Życka. Its location is interesting because a similar distance separates it from both Warsaw, Lublin, Tomaszów Mazowiecki and Radom.

The Illusion Farm is located more or less in the middle of the route between Lublin and Warsaw, because it is 80 km away from the first city, and 85 km from the second one. If we are going from the capital towards Lublin, we have to turn in Trojanów, but if we are going along the route Warsaw - Dęblin - Puławy, we should turn in Paprotnia.

However, the easiest way is to simply enter the name of the park in the Google Maps navigation. It will lead us straight to our destination.

What is the Illusion Farm?

The Education and Entertainment Park "Illusion Farm" is a large area (several hectares) located between dense forests and - apart from attractions - also delights with its location. The place is really charming.

We associate the word farm with animals, farming and cultivation. Here, however, the attractions are not livestock and fields with grain. This place is all about having fun, using your imagination and fantasy. The many attractions make you dizzy. In addition to entertainment, it also plays an educational role - although given in such a form that no youngest will certainly complain that they learn something on days off from school.

Lots of attractions!

We have already mentioned many times that the Illusion Farm is full of attractions. So what can it do for us? There are so many interesting places to visit and get to know that you can spend the whole day in this place and not be bored at all! What cannot be missed?

  • Mirror maze
    The labyrinth of mirrors is an extremely interesting place where reality mixes with illusion - is it another corridor? Or maybe we are being deceived by the arrangement of mirrors again? Finding the exit will be great fun!

  • Ames room
    This is where we play with perspective. The room is arranged in such a way that, standing in its right place, it may suddenly turn out that the child is much larger than the parent. A great place for unusual photos!

  • Head on the plate
    When it comes to taking photos, another attraction will definitely be the table where, by means of illusion, you can put your head on a plate and pretend a meal. Sounds weird and a bit like taken out of a horror movie? Thanks to the mirrors, it is not visible that the rest of the body is under the table, therefore it seems that only ... the head is lying on the plate on the table.

  • The Tunnel of Oblivion
    It is defined as a place where the whole world is forgotten. The tunnel is constructed in such a way that, upon entering, the whole world seems to be spinning. It is an interesting and unusual impression that, fortunately, passes right after you leave. Walking through it can be incredibly entertaining - so much so that you can actually forget everything!

  • Freaky House
    In the Twisted House, we experience the illusion of apparent motion, not knowing whether we are spinning or everything around us. It's worth checking out this place!

  • The Flying Hut
    It is an unusual house, which theoretically is simple, but its strong inclination affects our senses, deceiving them a bit.

  • Path of Illusions
    There are illusions on the tablets on the path that will make us stop believing our eyes.

  • Giant's furniture
    We can feel for a moment as if we are visiting the house of giants, because the furniture is made in a 4: 1 scale.

If we are tired of the illusion and we want to stand firmly on the ground, the Illusion Farm will not disappoint us either.

  • Pharaoh's Tomb
    At the Farm, we can visit the pharaoh's tomb and see the place of their burial, as well as meet the ancient mummy.

  • Wild Dragon Reserve
    It is also worth visiting this unusual reserve, where you can see many interesting dragons.

  • Wicker maze
    If we want to solve an interesting puzzle, and additionally wander between the corridors, this place is definitely for us!

  • The Wood of Experience
    Little explorers can learn the secrets of physics in it and it certainly won't bore them!

How much it costs?

It cannot be denied that thanks to all the attractions at the Illusion Farm, you can spend the whole day in peace. How much is the admission ticket?

Normal ticket costs 45 zlotys, reduced price for children up to 16 years old - 39 zlotys, family ticket (two adults + two children up to 16 years old) - 156 zlotys. Birthday tickets are also available (for people whose birthday is exactly on that day, 3 days earlier or 3 days later), which cost PLN 54, tickets for a disabled person cost PLN 1, seniors pay PLN 15, and children up to 100 cm tall, if they have an adult guardian, they pay 1 PLN for admission.