Financial Markets Forum: Investments, Banking & FinTech May 9, 2020


Financial Markets Forum: Investments, Banking & FinTech
May 9, 2020

On May 9, 2020. at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow will host the Financial Markets Forum: Investments, Banking & FinTech. It is a project organized by the European Law Association ELSA Krakow. The event is supervised by the main coordinator - Adam Drgas, a third-year law student at the Jagiellonian University.

The event aims to familiarize students and practicing lawyers, as well as interested and unrelated people with the issue of financial and banking legislation. The Financial Markets Forum: Investments, Banking & FinTech will be devoted to such issues as: e-commerce, banking, investments, capital markets, securities, financial and technological markets, as well as e-commerce.
These are issues that, in the context of a dynamically developing economy, require - especially from young people - a deeper and critical view.

A thematic competition will be carried out as part of the entire event. If you want to test your knowledge of company law, securities law, capital market law, private banking law, new technologies law in finance and e-commerce, you should take part.
The first stage will take place on April 8, 2020. online, where students will have a single choice test to complete. Only the best will go to the final, which will take place during the conference.
And you have not seen such a finale yet! It will take place through the stock exchange simulation in teams of two. In this way, your investment skills will be tested in practice. Finally, you will have to prepare a document without which no company in the FinTech industry can be established.

The main prize is paid internships at DLK Legal in Warsaw or in Krakow (optional).

We are waiting for applications until April 8, 2020.
Contest rules:


The conference will be divided into three panels: student, expert and discussion panels. If participation in the competition alone is not enough, we invite students to speak. Abstracts can be sent to the following address: [email protected] by March 29. The required number of words is min. 150 max. 200, Times New Roman, 12. The abstract must be accompanied by a bibliography. The speech should concern one of the following issues: legal issues of investment (FOREX currency market, CFDs, investment funds, futures transactions), banking (also investment banking, the functioning of the so-called neobanks, banking supervision) or FinTech (digital economy, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, e-government).
Specialists from specific industries will participate in the expert panel. Entrepreneurs, representatives of the law firm, consulting company and even a brokerage house will present themselves to you.
Finally, a moderated discussion between the experts will take place in the discussion panel.
The Financial Markets Forum: Investments, Banking & FinTech is a unique event that will allow you to develop your skills and expand and test your knowledge of law and economics.

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