EU funds for establishing a company

Service Business

When setting up their own business, future entrepreneurs often look for external sources of financing. One of the possible sources are EU funds, thanks to which taxpayers can obtain repayable or non-repayable loans. Importantly, receiving these types of funds is not as difficult as it may seem.

Therefore, future entrepreneurs should be interested in the operational program Human Capital, under which measure 6.2 - Support and promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment operates.

Where do you need to start? As in any new activity - what matters most is the idea. Good preparation can help significantly in the next steps. Then you should find out which institutions in a given voivodeship are currently involved in granting support - these are the so-called operators. The list of points to which you can turn to can be found on the website of European funds.

After finding the operator, it is necessary to check whether the future entrepreneur meets the conditions specified in the regulations of a given project. This is necessary to qualify for specific training. This course presents the basics of entrepreneurship, law, accounting, business plan creation skills, etc. Depending on the operator, the subject may be slightly different. Initially, you will need to take part in the recruitment process. It begins with the completion of a special form, which will then be completed during an additional interview. After passing this stage, the only thing left to do is wait for the message about qualifying for the program.

When is it not possible to participate in the training? The feature that excludes from this possibility is running a business currently or within 12 months before the start of the training. On the other hand, people to whom the above courses are primarily addressed are: people unemployed for at least 12 months in the last two years, women (especially returning or entering the labor market after a break related to giving birth and raising children), people under 25 or after 45, disabled people and inhabitants of towns up to 25,000 residents intending to take up employment in non-agricultural professions.

The training presented above is necessary for a new entrepreneur - the next step towards a subsidy is submitting an application to the operator along with a business plan.

In the application, the taxpayer requests: financial aid up to the amount of PLN 40,000 PLN for expenses necessary to start a company, granting bridge support (subsidies of about PLN 1,200 paid monthly for up to one year for current needs), and for participation in the second part of the training combined with advisory support. On the other hand, the business plan will be assessed by the operator - the main points to which he will pay attention are the expediency of the project, feasibility, operability, multi-variant character, completeness and rationality. Therefore, when building a business plan, it is worth focusing on real projects.

When the business plan is approved, the taxpayer has achieved the goal - the next step concerns signing the contract with the operator and receiving the subsidy. Importantly, such an agreement specifies certain conditions that the taxpayer must comply with, otherwise it will be necessary to return the funds received. In such a case, the loan may be secured with a surety, a promissory note with a promissory note, a bank guarantee, a pledge on rights or things, a blockade of a bank account or a notarial deed on submission to enforcement by the debtor.

After signing the contract, the taxpayer has nothing else to do but open his own business. If the activity will be operational for at least one year from the date of signing the subsidy agreement and the taxpayer has properly accounted for it, the bridging measures will constitute free and non-returnable support.

As you can see, EU funds allocated to the opening of a new business are not as difficult to obtain as it might seem. When looking for an idea for your own professional career and company development, it is worth getting interested in this way of raising capital.