Facebook features for the marketer - 4 useful tricks

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Facebook is constantly changing and adding new features for users. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the introduced improvements and you never know what exactly Mark Zuckerberg will surprise us with. New Facebook features, in particular, should be followed by marketers who run company fan pages and deal with advertising campaigns. Learn about five useful options that will help you better configure your profile or reach potential fans.

Useful Facebook features that you will use for marketing

Not all options introduced on Facebook are popular. Sometimes hardly anyone knows that a given function exists at all. However, it is worth looking for various types of new products to surprise your audience. Here are four interesting facts that you can use in your marketing activities:

Like the page as a brand

Just as you can like company profiles on Facebook through your private account, you can also give a like from your fanpage. Thanks to this, you can not only support your favorite brands, but also observe the activity of competing companies on your board. It is good to comment on the added posts and take part in discussions, which may encourage other users to visit our fan page. To like a third-party page, not as an individual, but as a brand, go to the profile of your choice and click the drop-down menu. Select from the displayed options Like on behalf of your website.

Save for later

Have you noticed an interesting article, inspiration or information that could be useful to promote your profile, but you do not currently have time to check it thoroughly? No worries, thanks to the Save Post feature, you can save the various things that are displayed to you on Facebook and come back to them at any time. Thanks to this, you can collect ideas and news that will allow you to create your own publications on the website. To save a post, just click on the arrow in its upper right corner and select Save the post (depending on what material it is, it can be described as Save the movie, Save the link e.t.c.)


All saved materials can be found in the section Savedyou can find on the left side of the category page Explore.

Invite people who liked your post

If you want to get the most out of your posts, follow the likes and shares of your posts. Thanks to this, you will reach people who have engaged in it and may be happy to like your page. To access this feature, find the hyperlink under each post that shows how many people like the post.


After clicking it, a full list of people who liked the post will be displayed. On the right side of each user there will be information whether that person already likes our website or not. If not, we can send her an invitation directly.

Customize the look of your website

Facebook recently released an attractive feature that allows businesses to customize the look and feel of their website based on their type of business. This is a great option when you want to transform your profile and enhance the display of individual information. To modify the appearance of the profile, go to the section Settingsand then select from the menu Edit the page.

This feature allows us to select the appropriate template, which has been divided into the following categories: standard, shopping, company, facilities, non-profit, politicians, services, and restaurants and cafes.


Each of the templates introduces changes to our profile, modifying the layout of modules. In addition, we have the option of setting tabs that are displayed under the photo in the background.

It is worth knowing these types of Facebook functions, which give additional opportunities to promote the brand, as well as better adapt the website layout to your business. Sometimes a small change to the page template setting can bring surprising results in the form of greater user involvement in the content or increased expected conversion.