Where can I find a company by NIP number?

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How to find a company by tax identification number? Online companies database

Obtaining data on contractors is an extremely important element in establishing cooperation with entrepreneurs. One of the key information is the unique tax identification number. With it, you can easily find the subject and learn more about it. It is extremely simple these days. What's more: you don't even have to leave the house. It is worth using online databases of companies that allow you to obtain the most important data and verify the company on the basis of, for example, NIP number.

Running a business is associated with the obligation to ensure adequate transparency of your activities. Contrary to appearances, each person can also in a relatively simple way determine many details about functioning business entities. In this way, private individuals can, for example, find a suitable service provider, and other entrepreneurs learn more about their potential contractors. It is worth using the databases of companies such as ALEO.com, thanks to them you can easily find a company based on the NIP number.Currently, there are 3,783,599 entities dealing with many areas of business.

Tax identification number: easy identification of the company

Each economic entity operating in the market is unique. The same is also true of the NIP number, i.e. the Tax Identification Number. It is a ten-digit code to identify taxpayers and is assigned by the head of the relevant Tax Office. It was introduced in 1995, and has been operating on the market since 1996. Until September 1, 2011, the tax identifier was assigned to both enterprises and persons who did not conduct business activity. Currently, in the latter case, it is replaced by a PESEL number, which can be used, for example, for PIT or other taxes. The NIP number is obtained by entrepreneurs in the process of company registration.

What is the NIP able to tell?

Although the apparent Tax Identification Number does not hide additional information, it is actually different, and it is not determined by chance. The first three digits correspond to the code of the relevant tax office assigning the number, depending on the place of registration of the selected economic operator. The tenth digit of the tax identification number (NIP) has a control function, allowing to determine the correctness of the number.

Searching for companies based on NIP

The Tax Identification Number is one of the most important information about a company. Thanks to it, it can be easily identified and distinguished from other entities, which is extremely important in the process of searching for information about it. In this respect, it is also much more practical than, for example, a company name, which is easily confused with other entities operating on the market. Knowing the tax identification number, you can also easily find out other company data, including its name, address, contact details, scope of activities, and in some cases also financial data and related entities. It is also possible to recreate the network of connections and learn basic information about its financial capacity or potential threats that may be associated with starting cooperation.

Why is it worth verifying the company's tax identification number?

Usually, we do not focus on the tax identification number, however, there are many situations in which it can provide valuable information about the entity. Thanks to the verification of databases, it is possible to determine, among others:

• Does the economic activity exist and is active,

• Date of commencement of business activity,

• Company address,

• Contact details,

• Relationships with other entities,

• Business profile and indicated PKD codes,

• The legal form of the enterprise,

• The issue of using the marital property community.

Therefore, these are key data for both consumers and other entrepreneurs who are looking for proven information on the prospects and threats resulting, for example, from starting cooperation with a new enterprise. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid many problems that are usually a consequence of careless verification of colleagues.

How to find the company tax identification number (NIP)?

Of course, while most companies display their name, it is much more difficult to obtain a tax identification number. However, its determination is not a problem. This can be done by knowing other information about the company, such as its name or address. In some cases, it will be enough to have, for example, a contact number or e-mail address. Finding the tax identification number of a specific entity is also possible on the basis of the profile of their activity. The PKD codes will help in determining what the company does, while in the next step you can determine more extensive data.

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