Taxpayer's voice - submit an idea how to protect our economy against the coronavirus!


Many entrepreneurs, accountants and tax advisers struggle with the problems of quite complex and rapidly changing regulations. The tax changes in the last quarter of 2019 took a particular toll. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance decided to reach out to taxpayers and recently launched a new section called “The Voice of the Taxpayer” on the website In addition, yesterday a message appeared on the website of the Ministry of Finance in which the legislator encourages you to submit your ideas and proposals on how to protect our economy against the coronavirus! What is the Taxpayer's Voice and what is its purpose? We answer!

Taxpayer's voice - what is it and who can benefit?

According to the explanations of the Ministry, "The voice of the taxpayer" aims to collect opinions and ideas that will help improve the tax system in the country in terms of PIT, CIT and VAT. This is to make the rules more effective and understandable to citizens. The submitted ideas may concern, among others:

  1. elimination of unnecessary and complicated tax obligations,
  2. simplification of the tax system,
  3. facilitate and streamline bureaucracy.

Of course, the list of ideas is open, so they may also concern other issues that taxpayers are struggling with.

Who can submit an idea? The Ministry of Finance has not imposed restrictions on who will be able to submit ideas, so it can be any person using the "Voice of the taxpayer" service.

How do I submit an idea?

Ideas for improving the tax system can be submitted at you must provide: TITLE, CATEGORY and DESCRIPTION of the idea, then select the acceptance of the regulations and click SEND. The ideas accepted by the administrator will be published on the "Taxpayer's Voice" page, where they can be commented on and assessed by other users.

Is The Taxpayer's Voice the Future for Citizens?

The concept of the new website seems to be a great solution for citizens to open their voices, listen to their problems and refresh tax regulations. However, the answer to whether this solution turns out to be a success or not will come with time.

The taxpayer's voice and the coronavirus

The Ministry indicates on its website that:

  • Coronavirus, which is spreading in more and more countries, poses a real challenge to economic life.
  • We want to monitor and respond to signals reported by taxpayers in connection with this challenge on an ongoing basis.
  • Therefore, on March 9, 2020, in the Voice of the Taxpayer, we added the "Coronavirus" category, where you can submit your idea and proposals on how to protect our economy against the coronavirus.

We count on reporting all signals from all taxpayers, entrepreneurs, and all citizens who want to support our economy in dealing with the coronavirus. What barriers do you face in connection with the coronavirus and how - as the Ministry of Finance - we can help you solve them. - writes the Ministry of Finance on the website