Google Authenticator - two-step security guarantee

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Many of us already use at least several online websites or services to which you must log in using a password: internet mail, banking or social media. Equally often, we log into these websites not from our devices, which can be a kind of danger. Therefore, in order to protect your data against unauthorized access, it is worth using helpful applications. Find out what Google Authenticator is and learn about the benefits of a double security guarantee.

Google Authenticator - what is it?

Two-step verification on Android - Google Authenticator - is a mobile application whose task is to generate special codes that allow you to log in to accounts on various websites that we use. Thanks to Google Authenticator and its two-step verification when logging in, we can prevent the theft of our data.

Double authentication with this application allows us to verify a given login not only with a password that we have set ourselves, but also with a specially generated code on the phone in the Google Authenticator application.

How does Google Authenticator work?

When logging in using the Google Authenticator application, the process of obtaining access to a given website takes place in two stages:

  1. Standard login - here we usually provide the login and password that we previously set ourselves

  2. In the second step, we are asked to enter a special code that will authenticate our identity. And at this point we can generate it thanks to the Google Authenticator application.

However, in order for these codes to be generated, we must integrate the application with specific services to which we want to log in as part of two-step verification.

How to connect Google Authenticator to an online service?

In order to connect Google Authenticator with a given service, you should first check if the service supports double login, and if so, then in its settings you should select this option. Then we will be asked to scan the QR code and / or a special code that must be entered into Google Authenticator.

After scanning the QR code and / or entering a string (requirements depend on the application in which we run double verification), the website will be linked to our account in the Google Authenticator application.



In the case of the application that we have connected to the double login system, you will also see a marker showing the expiry date for a given string of digits. It is also a safety feature as these numbers change every 30 seconds.



Google Authenticator - summary

By using the system of double identity verification when logging in to many websites, we can feel safer. Even if someone manages to get our login and password, they will not gain access to the website without entering the code, which will be generated in the application only on your phone.