Google Plus - what it is and how to use it

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It has been almost five years since the Google Plus social network has been operating, which is Google's response to Facebook. Previously, to be able to use the portal, you had to wait for an invitation. Currently, it is widely available, which means that if someone wants to use it, they should not have any difficulties with it.

When the site started to prosper, it was advertised with a slogan Sharing like in real life. In that case, it is worth trying to make some summaries to see if the creators of another social networking site on the Internet have succeeded.

Google Plus to be used not only for business purposes

People using Google Plus primarily emphasize the fact that it can be perfectly used for business purposes. It actually has many advantages in this respect. The most important of them include: creating brand and product awareness, customer support, after-sales service, direct referral to the company's website, building a community, learning about opinions about the company and industry, or more effective search for potential customers. So businessmen have a lot to be satisfied with when using this website. But that's not all.

In addition to the goals related strictly to promoting enterprises, other Google Plus users also have a lot to be satisfied with. This portal is not a specialized marketing tool. Relationships can be managed in various ways, depending on what you need. It has many functions. The most important of them are:

  • Circles to establish contact and maintain relationships with those we care about;
  • Observations relating to the tracking and observation of both individuals and communities;
  • A stream where all the news from pages watched by users is shared. In addition, in Stream you can add content yourself and make it publicly available, just like in the case of Facebook.

Google Plus - an interesting option for a social networking site

Even just showing the Google Plus function shows how interesting the website is. You should know that in fact, whether you will be satisfied with its use depends on the very way in which we manage our profile, be it public or private. Interesting videos, photos, or other content shared with others will affect your relationship with this site. Interestingly, the communities themselves promote themselves very well here. In specific thematic groups, you can expect to solve various problems together with other users. In Google Plus you can find so many thematic groups that there are unlikely to be people who could complain about anything. Instead, everyone will be glad to have such an interesting place to choose from.

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Managing your own profile on Google Plus

With Google Plus, as with any other social networking site, it's important to manage all your information skillfully. It must not be forgotten that only such an attitude will make the company we run positive. It is definitely important to share photos related to your business or news from what we have to offer to customers.

However, the principle of the golden mean cannot be forgotten. If there is too much information that we are going to provide, potential customers will feel discouraged and will not want to look at our profile so eagerly. It is worth considering carefully what we would like to see shared. Google Plus has a very interesting option to offer, which is Geolocation. On this basis, other users of the portal can find out not only who we are, but also where exactly the headquarters of our company is located. Moreover, Geolocation will also indicate where the account owner is located. It is worth adding that it is already an element that many people actually use. The very determination of the location based on Google is important for people due to the decisions to use specific services, which in this case undoubtedly cannot be forgotten.

As for the service in question, it should be noted that although it is undoubtedly functional, Google does not have much ideas for further management of it. So it is not known how his future will develop.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of Google Plus is the fact that it is perfectly read by search engines. No wonder, because Google itself indexes it perfectly. If a company thinks about effective promotion of its own business, it will reach more recipients thanks to placing its own profile on this portal. However, you cannot forget that when this portal is compared with the most popular of all, i.e. Facebook, it unfortunately loses a lot. It depends mainly on the updates being undertaken.

Facebook has many more users than Google Plus, although it was founded by a student and not by a large corporation. He and other portals are so popular that, unfortunately, Google's social networking site cannot break through. Especially since not all people who use Gmail on a daily basis know how it works or that it exists at all. Young people are much more likely to use Facebook, which is understandable. It is, above all, more convenient for them.

Therefore, if Google Plus wants to enjoy a reputation and a more stable position, it should first focus on presenting itself to users in some way. And not only for those who use Gmail accounts on a daily basis. Google's portal works very well, but most of all it is not properly promoted. And it is the promotion that is responsible for the success of social networks.

In the case of Google Plus, it can certainly be said that people who have their own companies should use it. They will be most satisfied with the way their network is promoted, especially when they take care of an extensive social relationship with contractors.