Target audience on YouTube - is it important?

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YouTube is an effective channel for creating brand promotions. With the help of video materials, it is easy to reach many different groups of recipients and have direct contact with them. This website is popular with most age groups, so it remains a topic of interest for marketers. Google itself has created a mechanism that allows you to share advertising spots within the Google Adwords system. A huge group of recipients uses YouTube, it is as much as 75% of Polish internet users and as much as 90% of the world. Therefore, simply creating a campaign does not guarantee success. It is important to establish what your target audience on YouTube is and how you intend to reach them.

Types of YouTube Ads

Due to the communication strategy and the selected target group on YouTube, you should choose the appropriate model of the advertisement you want to display on the website. Google Adwords offers the creation of ads in three formats:

  • TrueView In-Stream - this type of ad is displayed before, during or at the end of the video, but it can be interrupted after 5 seconds, then the advertiser will pay only if the user views 30 seconds of the spot.

  • TrueView In-Display - these are ads displayed next to YouTube videos, in search results or other content, or in the case of the mobile version of the device - on the home page. The business pays for the clicks or the viewing of the ad in full.

  • Bumper Ads - These are six-second commercials that show up before, during, or after the movies. They are short and usually aimed at increasing brand awareness. Billed based on impressions.

Target audience on YouTube - ad targeting

Even though YouTube is used by a huge number of users of all ages, this will not always be good news for brands looking to advertise there. In such a huge number of recipients, it is difficult to reach your consumers. Therefore, the places of displayed ads are very important. Google allows you to select them, which makes it easier to target and direct spots to the right customers. Importantly, not only the message itself counts, but also the right moment when it is displayed.

There are several ways to target your ads to the appropriate YouTube target audience. Google allows you to target messages according to various criteria.

  • Taking into account the interests of the recipients - in this way, the ads will be displayed even when they watch content unrelated to the subject of the message

  • Similar content for users with the same interests - then the message is displayed to users who are interested in the same topic

  • Classic demographic targeting - by age or gender

  • Remarketing - with this function, advertisements are displayed to users who were already interested in our offer

  • Selected content topics - the website allows you to choose the topics of the films during which the ads will be displayed

  • Specific creators, channels or content - Ads may appear in the locations we specify

  • Keywords - Ads are served based on words related to the video or channel.

Effectiveness of reaching your ad

The campaign results can be monitored in the AdWords account, where during the promotion we will find out whether our target group on YouTube is properly indicated and whether our ads reach the right users. The program will also show what customers like to watch the most and if, for example, it turns out that a given demographic group is not interested in the content we publish, we can exclude it at the level of a specific campaign.