Educational games for seven-year-olds

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Why are educational games so important for the proper development of a child? First of all, because they teach independence, develop the baby's activity and ingenuity, and stimulate thinking. They show why it is worth following the rules of the game and - what is very important - they have a significant impact on the social development of our toddler.

Advantages of educational games for seven-year-olds

Educational games are not only good fun and education, it is important that they have therapeutic and educational value. This type of game primarily makes a seven-year-old thinker. It teaches how to follow the rules, allows the child to learn about reality through watching, acting, listening and experiencing.

Parents of seven-year-olds often wonder what form of learning to choose to improve the toddler's memory, contribute to intellectual development, support logical thinking or motor coordination. All these tasks are fulfilled by a properly selected educational game, which does not have to be expensive. Sometimes it is enough to rely on your own ingenuity and offer the child, for example, a game of city-states.

Examples of educational games for seven-year-olds

Educational games that do not require preparation

Mentioned city-states game: to start the game, create a table and write the following in columns: country, city, plant, animal, name and thing. Later, a letter of the alphabet is drawn and all names starting with that letter are given on its basis. This educational game not only develops the child's knowledge, but also increases the vocabulary and consolidates the alphabet.

It is worth trying to play the educational game "association" with your child. What is it about? We give the toddler two words that describe, for example, a flower or a profession, and we recommend that he or she guess one word we want by combining it with the words mentioned above. The child learns the correct association and expands his vocabulary.

Your seven-year-old is a born artist? Offer him a game that not only exercises manual dexterity, but also has a significant impact on creative thinking. It is enough to prepare a piece of paper on which we will draw the toddler a few shapes, lines (if desired), and the child will have to finish the drawing so that it creates a logical whole.

Ready-made educational games

Puzzle - this type of educational game is known to everyone. It is simple and consists in putting together a large picture from small fragments with characteristic shapes. What is the educational function of puzzles? First of all, they practice concentration, patience, eye-hand coordination and perceptiveness. We can choose puzzles depending on the picture, its size and number of elements. And yes, we can offer, for example, Puzzle Snowman, which have 150 elements and are intended for children over 5 years old.

Board games and other - it turns out that seemingly 'ordinary' board games will also prove to be great educational games. Some of them help to develop mathematical skills, others support the development of eye-hand coordination of the child, most of them develop logical thinking, and all of them allow to combine play with learning. Depending on the interests or problems of the child, we can offer him the game Once upon a life - where the toddler can learn in a pleasant way how the human body is built. Your 7-year-old is not good at math? The games from the series At the stall - How much will I have left - subtraction and Addition at the stall will work for him.

There are many examples of educational games, it is enough to consider the needs of our toddler and look for a suitable game for him.