Intestinal flu - how to protect yourself against it?

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Intestinal flu - the name itself is not pleasant. The disease is actually a digestive tract infection that initially causes symptoms such as a severe cold or the flu. It is an extremely unpleasant and tiring condition. First of all, we are unable to function normally. Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever - all of these make a person with bowel flu really unwell. Additionally, it is easy to catch the disease. All it takes is contact with a sick person, using the same vessel or touching the same things. How to protect yourself from the intestinal flu? Are there any effective ways to avoid getting sick?

Intestinal flu and its causes and symptoms

The intestinal flu is caused by rotaviruses or noroviruses. Depending on how strong the virus is, the duration of the disease can vary - from a day to even a week (and sometimes longer). They are not easy to deal with - not only do they live with the sick person, but also places they touch or food with which they come into contact.

The intestinal flu has very unpleasant symptoms. Usually the disease begins inconspicuously. We lose energy, we get a fever, we may have a headache. Therefore, it can initially be mistaken for the flu or a common cold. After a few days, however (usually around the third day after the first symptoms appear), watery diarrhea, nausea and vomiting may add to the fever and malaise. The whole thing ends with intense abdominal pain.

Even if the disease lasts only 24 hours, it can effectively disable us from normal life for longer, and the lack of energy and flushing all nutrients from the body is the order of the day.

It is much easier to get infected with intestinal flu, when our immunity is lowered, we forget to wash our hands, we are not in good physical condition and we eat unhealthy.

Intestinal flu - how to treat?

Currently, there is no single effective cure for intestinal flu, so most people deal with viruses at home.

First of all, you should not forget about proper hydration. Both vomiting and diarrhea can easily make our body dehydrated, and the effects of this can be very unpleasant for us. Therefore, you should remember to drink the right amount of fluids - it can be water, herbs or unsweetened tea. It is also worth taking electrolytes. All the unpleasant symptoms of the intestine flush our body of vitamins and minerals, so we need to supplement them. While drinking cola can help some people with stomach flu, remember that sweet and fizzy drinks can just as well aggravate symptoms and malaise. Similarly, milk and juices - both fruit and vegetable.

We should also remember about a proper diet, we should give up heavy, raw and sweet meals. Let's eat rice gruels that can help us get rid of diarrhea. When it comes to fruit, let's go for bananas. Remember that light food is the best in such a situation. We should not give up on it also after the symptoms have subsided. It is best to eat carefully and follow a proper diet for up to a month after your illness.

The intestinal flu means that we often do not have the strength to get out of bed and we struggle to walk between the bedroom and the bathroom. However, resting under a blanket can help. If we do not take up too much physical exertion, we have more strength to fight viruses.

We should also ventilate rooms where there is a person infected with flu. In addition, we should remember that patients must wash often and take particular care of hygiene.

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How can you avoid getting intestinal flu?

Usually, as soon as we find out that the intestinal flu is spreading in our environment, we want to avoid it effectively. Are there ways to do this and is it possible to avoid the disease? Of course!

The immunity of our body is a very important factor here. The duration of the disease also depends on it. So if we take care of it properly and try to keep it as high as possible, the chances of getting sick will definitely decrease.

Physical activity also turns out to be important. The better our condition, the less intestinal flu affects us. Either we are not infected at all, or the symptoms are less bothersome and last much shorter.

However, resistance and condition are of little use if we do not properly take care of hygiene. The advice is simple, but we often forget it - let's wash our hands. If there is someone at home with stomach flu, let's do it more often than usual. Even when the disease is not present at the moment, let's wash our hands every time we come home, prepare meals or leave the toilet.

Helpful in the fight against the intestines may be ... vinegar. Of course, as a wiping agent for surfaces that may be infected with viruses, not as a medicine. Gently wash the countertops, door handles and headphones with water and vinegar. The acid will help us in the fight against disease transmission.

The intestinal flu is effective in excluding you from everyday functioning. Besides, it is very unpleasant and each symptom seems extremely tiring for the body. Therefore, let's try to ensure that the daily diet, activity and hygiene are appropriate. Thanks to this, we can protect ourselves against disease, even if someone in our environment is contagious.

If the symptoms worsen and last for a long time, let's see a doctor immediately!

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