Mulled wine perfect for winter - is it really?

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Mulled wine seems to be the perfect drink for winter evenings. Its spicy aroma and taste bring to mind Christmas, and besides, this drink perfectly warms you up and improves your well-being. It is because of these warming properties that we often reach for mulled wine during a cold, in the hope that it will help us get rid of the infection. But is it true that wine has health benefits? Is this warm drink really the best drink for winter evenings? Let's check it out!

Mulled wine warms you up

Mulled wine does not fight viruses, but thanks to its properties, it can help the body in such a battle. Let's start with the fact that mulled wine dilates blood vessels and thus helps us warm up. Remember, however, that after a wave of heat, the body cools down, and although such a drink seems ideal for frost (e.g. during sleigh rides or Christmas markets), it is better to eat it at home.

So we agreed that the mulled wine would make us hot. Therefore, it is worth reaching for it when we get cold or wet. The body temperature will quickly return to normal and we will feel much better. Mulled wine will also increase blood circulation.

Mulled wine is a remedy for malaise

In autumn and winter, when we usually go out and come home, when it is completely dark, it's easy to get sick. We do not know what to do with ourselves, we rarely go outside, we cannot fully relax and, most of all, we get bored, because how much can you sit under a blanket at home, how nice and warm would it not be?

The cure for malaise can be just mulled wine. It will relax us, improve our mood, we will feel calmer and relaxed. It is also the perfect drink for winter gatherings with friends.

How to make mulled wine yourself?

Although on store shelves you will find ready-made mulled wine, which you just need to pour into the dish and heat up, it is worth trying to make this drink yourself. We need red wine, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, or other spices that will enhance the spicy aroma (e.g. ginger), and honey. The whole thing should be boiled. After pouring into cups or glasses, it is worth adding orange slices or dried apples to the mulled wine.

Mulled wine - what you need to remember

Remember that despite how good mulled wine tastes and how nice it is to warm you, alcohol should be drunk in moderation. You will certainly not feel better if you abuse mullet during a cold. Also remember what has already been mentioned above - if you feel like having such a warm drink, it is better to drink it at home, because it is easy to cool down in the cold. Let us return to the issue of drinking mulled wine during illness. We already know that it will warm us up and make us feel better. However, we must bear in mind that it is also a diuretic, and during the disease the body must not be dehydrated. So if we feel like having such a drink - let's not forget about drinking water.

Mulled wine is very tasty and makes you feel better. Moreover, many social gatherings will be more pleasant. Doing it yourself will surely also bring satisfaction. Is mulled wine the perfect winter drink? Of course! However, remember not to overdo it, because the consequences can be unpleasant for us.