Governess - an old-fashioned profession in the price again!

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The demographic low contributes to the closure of schools and the dismissal of teachers. So where can this type of specialist look for a job? In private homes! Contrary to appearances, a governess or tutor is a sought-after profession. It is not a job for everyone, as parents set high expectations for home teachers, but commitment and good work results are rewarded with favorable remuneration.

The problem of unemployment among teachers

Currently, teachers are faced with a serious problem on the labor market. Due to the function they perform, they are of the utmost importance for the state - they are responsible for shaping the knowledge and morality of the young generations. However, changes are necessary and result from the unfavorable demographic situation in Poland - the constantly decreasing number of young people and children in schools. According to the findings of the Ministry of National Education, their number has decreased by 1.521 million since 2005. The shrinking group of students leads to the closure of schools, kindergartens or joining classes. In this way, the demand for a teacher's job is decreasing. Seven thousand people lost their jobs last year, and further layoffs are expected. Based on the declarations of school principals, it is estimated that another six thousand teachers will be dismissed.

However, it is necessary to wait a few more months for the actual data to be presented. These unfavorable forecasts concern mainly the decreasing number of students of lower secondary and upper secondary schools. On the other hand, a positive aspect is the gradual reversal of the downward trend of primary school students. Moreover, the state hopes that the situation in the education system will change due to the sending of six-year-old children to schools.

State aid

So far, the teaching profession has enjoyed a great reputation and support from the society. Moreover, job change and related retraining are associated with difficulties. A person who has worked as a teacher for 20 years will find it difficult to find a job in a factory.

Fortunately for this professional group, on the basis of the Act of April 20, 2004 on employment promotion and labor market institutions, teachers can use labor market instruments helpful in obtaining funds for activation allowances, training or vocational preparation. Support for professional activation also comes from EU funds - PLN 100 million has been allocated for this purpose.The money was invested in training, studies and workshops in the fields adjusted to the needs of the labor market.

In September, the "Kindergarten for PLN 1" reform was introduced, according to which fees for each additional hour in a public facility (over 5 hours) may not exceed PLN 1. Low fees are to encourage parents to use the kindergarten longer. The project is designed to provide equal educational opportunities, but also to secure jobs for teachers.

Governess as an alternative direction of work

Teachers who are open to new ideas can take advantage of the alternative being a governess. It should be noted that it is not reserved only for representatives of the fair sex. Gentlemen are also doing well as a tutor. A profession that was somewhat forgotten some time ago, is now booming - properly qualified governesses are the elite among caregivers and nannies. Their task is not only to care for the child, but also to manage its development. Ambitious parents, who devote most of their time to their professional careers, want to make up for their absence for their children in the best possible way. The ideal person is therefore a good governess who will look after the child in a homely atmosphere. The reason for looking for an alternative to school is the negative approach to the idea of ​​sending a child at the age of 6 to the school bench. Undoubtedly, the earlier preparation of the child to start learning may facilitate the beginning of the school education stage.

Features of the perfect governess

When preparing to take up the position of a governess, one should not forget that the requirements placed on guardians are very high.

First of all, people with higher education, preferably in the field of pedagogy or psychology, are sought. Knowledge of foreign languages ​​and having appropriate experience and qualifications are very valuable. Additional advantages of music or art education are also welcome. The ideal candidate for this profession is precisely the person working as a teacher. The governess should also have soft skills, enabling proper recognition of the child's needs and professional analysis of his predispositions. Responsibility, commitment and creativity are also necessary, as one of the most important tasks in this case is to develop the child's potential.

A governess is not only a profession, but above all a vocation. This type of work is for people who really enjoy working with children.

How much does a governess earn?

The strict requirements for governesses are associated with high wages. Their amount depends primarily on the qualifications, availability and financial capabilities of clients. In Krakow, the salary ranges from PLN 2,000 to PLN 3,000. In Warsaw, the minimum rates are PLN 2,500. The hourly wage is characterized by high amplitudes. Its lower limit starts at PLN 13 per hour and ends at PLN 100. The highest salary can be counted on by people whose competences mainly relate to learning foreign languages ​​and learning music (piano, violin, singing lessons).

The interest in Polish governesses is also growing among citizens of foreign countries, especially among Polish married couples who emigrated abroad in search of work. What's more, universities are starting to offer postgraduate studies for governesses and tutors to maximize the potential of the profession and translate knowledge into effective work with the child.