HR soft and HR hard - what are the differences between them?

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Almost every company has a Human Resources (HR) department. People who work in it deal with many aspects of the work of the company's employees - from purely personnel matters to development. In larger companies, it is noticeable that HR specialists deal with soft and hard HR separately. In smaller companies, it is usually done by the same people, but this division is often noticeable. So what is HR soft and hard? In this article, we'll show you the differences!

Human Resources

Many of us associate the work of HR specialists with the recruitment of candidates for new positions, and this is indeed one of the branches that soft HR deals with. The human resource management department is a kind of connection between an employee and superiors. Thanks to it, specialists have tools that help in management.

The HR department makes sure that employees know their rights, everything works in accordance with the law, and also deals with evaluation and motivation. It plays many roles that we are often unaware of on a daily basis.

HR is divided into soft and hard HR. How are the two types different?

HR soft

Soft HR is a department that deals with everything related to the quality of employees' work. Therefore, first of all, the people who deal with it make sure that the right person is in a given position (therefore they deal with recruitment, selection of candidates, etc.).

It is also worth mentioning that soft HR is also all the tasks that affect the motivation of employees. It is the employees of this department who check what motivates employees, set up a system that will help in more effective work, observe, propose tools, and want to improve work.

Soft HR also cares about the development of employees - it monitors the needs for training, helps in the preparation of employee appraisal, pays attention to what employees should improve, and what is going very well for them, and passes this knowledge on to constantly improve the company's operations.

It may happen that a conflict breaks out between colleagues. As you know, such a tense atmosphere is not conducive to good and effective work. Therefore, people from the HR department monitor such behavior and try to mitigate conflicts.

Soft HR cares about appropriate talent management and helps superiors in developing an appropriate action strategy.

It can therefore be concluded that thanks to the fact that employees of the HR department monitor the company's activities in this way, employees develop, increase their skills, mitigate conflicts, are more motivated to act, which increases their involvement and identification with the workplace. People are potential, so it is really worth making them feel important - both them and their needs.

HR hard

Hard HR works in a slightly different way. People working in this department mainly deal with personnel matters related to payroll and administration.

Therefore, it is these employees who sign contracts, check that all documents and formal matters are fully compliant with the law, calculate remuneration or all formalities related to holidays.

HR people often work with appropriate software and have extensive knowledge in the field of labor law.

It is worth adding here that in this case a large amount of own work is necessary. Hard HR requires knowledge of the law and software operation. As you know, both law and technology change frequently and quickly. Therefore, you have to be ready to constantly acquire new knowledge.

Thanks to the efficiently conducted HR department, all matters related to payroll, administration and human resources are carried out professionally and in accordance with the law. This department cares about employees because it is aware that people are the pillar of the company and help it on the way to success.