Of the 1st edition of the National Forum of Employee Benefits "MeetBenefit"


Meeting of the benefit industry

The atmosphere in the team, image-building activities, or simply taking care of the employee - there are many reasons for introducing or developing non-wage benefits in the company. There are many factors deciding when choosing the right solution. It is important to be guided by the specific needs of employees, but can the same benefits be offered to the entire team?

Benefits in practice

Nearly 90% of respondents * of our survey declare the use of health benefits in companies. Such a result makes you happy! The news that as many as 96% of them plan to develop a benefit policy is even more optimistic! Why? By providing appropriately selected non-payroll solutions, it is possible to reduce rotation and absenteeism in the team or attract the best candidates to the company. It is the benefits that often become a response to the requirements of different generations of employees working in one company. What will attract Generation X experts? What benefits will be attractive for Generation Z? What does the BB generation need?
How to implement a benefit policy in the company, taking into account the needs of each group?

Are you looking for an idea for non-standard benefits for employees?
Let's meet at the 1st edition of the FREE National Forum of Employee Benefits "MeetBenefit"!
On September 25, 2019 at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw.

- As research shows, the benefit market in Poland is still developing. Creating the opportunity to meet representatives of both sides of this industry - suppliers and customers - is the goal for which "MeetBenefit" was created - says project manager, Karolina Skowrońska-Słowikowska. During the National Forum of Employee Benefits "MeetBenefit", the leaders of the non-wage benefits market will present themselves during lectures and at exhibition stands. On September 25, at the Copernicus Science Center, you will be able to learn about solutions both for companies that plan to start a benefit policy and for companies looking for new opportunities - adds Karolina.

I invite you not only to review the best offers from the benefit market, but also to a discussion panel with the participation of practitioners, led by Maja Gojtowska - "Let's make it tailored - or how to build an effective benefit policy in companies that connect generations".

We have also not forgotten about the inspiration, the appropriate dose of which will be provided by Tomek Michniewicz - journalist, reporter, photographer, organizer of expeditions and expeditions, author of five best-selling, award-winning book reports. During his lecture "WITHOUT EMOTIONS - about what distinguishes real commitment from paper", he will take you into a completely different world - full of emotions and truth.

Map of benefits

Searching for the right benefits is becoming easier. The first nationwide map of non-wage employee benefits is being created on the MeetBenefit event website. It will be divided into categories:

  • health and wellness

  • pension programs, insurance

  • vouchers and coupons, prepaid cards

  • sports and entertainment, leisure

  • convenience and comfort of the employee

  • another

Are you a service provider in one of these categories? Show your company on the Benefit Map for free. - link

Be with us on September 25, 2019 at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw!
For people who receive accreditation, participate in the MeetBenefit forum! it's FREE.

* According to research carried out during the 2nd Employee Health Forum among employees of the HR department and members of the management board. N - 164