The Hunger Games - a youth novel that adults will also love

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The Hunger Games first appeared in Poland eleven years ago, and yet they are still extremely popular. Why is this story so successful? It is simply a book that will attract everyone!

The Hunger Games are described as a youth fantasy novel. Yet many adult readers also turn to this title, receiving a story that evokes emotions from the very first pages and won't let you tear yourself away until you know the whole story. If you're new to the Suzanne Collins trilogy, vacation or vacation is the perfect time to read it! Fast action and an original, addictive story make it possible to have a great time reading and relax with a light, but not naive novel.

What is the Hunger Games about?

The Hunger Games is a dystopian trilogy about the fate of Katniss, who lives in the state of Panem, governed by cruel laws. Its capital - the Capitol, full of luxury - is surrounded by twelve districts whose inhabitants live in poverty, despite their daily hard work. But the worst is the Hunger Games - a kind of annual tournament that is broadcast by television. For the people of the Capitol, it's great fun, and for those who live in 12 districts, it's a deadly threat. 24 boys and girls then face a life and death battle, and the last one remaining in the arena wins. To the delight of the inhabitants of the capital, television broadcasts the Games live.

Katniss, the main character - and the narrator at the same time - takes care of her mother and younger sister after her father's death. She hunts to provide her family with food and cares for her loved ones every day. Therefore, when in the 12th district, during the draw of candidates, Katniss's younger sister is selected for the tournament, the girl without hesitation replaces her and faces a murderous competition.

A book that will attract everyone

Dystopia is an increasingly popular trend in literature. It shows a pessimistic vision of the future world and heroes who have to deal with difficult conditions. The Lord - the state created by Suzanne Collins - terrifies and at the same time attracts, because it has been presented extremely realistically. The light style makes us want to learn about further events, and the surprising plot twists hammer the reader into an armchair or deckchair or even a beach towel - because you will take this book with you everywhere until you finish it. The plot unfolds very quickly and even the reluctant reader must give up his skepticism if he wants to keep up with Katniss, who is fighting for survival. Her steadfastness gives her self-confidence and confidence that it is worth taking matters into your own hands.

Although The Hunger Games available in bookstore are referred to as a youth novel, adult readers will also appreciate them - just like Harry Potter, which impresses many older audiences. The Games lack the candy reality, naive love plots and annoying teen behavior that sometimes scare books away from younger book lovers. Instead, we get a fast-paced, sometimes brutal action, an interesting world presented, a whole range of values ​​and a first-person narrative that makes us almost forcibly drawn into the whirl of events. One thing is for sure - it is happening! From the first to the last page.

The latest volume - a supplement to the trilogy

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay - these three titles made up the series about the fate of Katniss. This year they are joined by the fourth book: A Ballad of Birds and Snakes. It is a prequel to the trilogy, which means it describes the events that preceded the trilogy. It tells the story of Snow, well known to all readers of Suzanne Collins. The novel, published a decade later, set in the same universe, is a wonderful tribute to the American writer's book lovers. You can read it first or last, because it is not directly related to the events presented in the trilogy.

If you still hesitate to reach for this series - just try it. Bookstores offer both paper versions and e-books or audiobooks, which means that everyone can read the story in the format that suits them best. The Hunger Games is a thoughtful, engaging story. It is a perfect gift idea and a great choice for a holiday trip or even a holiday on the balcony, with a book in hand.

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