2nd National Job Fair for the TSL industry - TransLogistica Jobs 2019!


TransLogistica Jobs 2019

5-7 November 2019

In less than a month, at the Expo XXI Center in Warsaw - on November 5-7, 2019, the 2nd National Job Fair of the Transport Forwarding Logistics - TransLogistica Jobs 2019 industry will take place. a wide spectrum of job offers in the country and Europe for candidates with various competences and education, from managers, specialists to warehouse workers. Companies also have a rich offer for young people who are just taking their first steps in logistics.

Each of the three days of the fair - TransLogistica Jobs 2019 will be intense and rich in interesting events, i.e. discussions, seminars and debates, among others on remuneration in logistics, mobbing at work, employer branding, work-life-balance, as well as meetings with people from the industry on the facts and myths about work in logistics. The organizers also invited young logisticians from scientific logistic clubs from various universities all over Poland to participate and present. It is the third day of the fair that is the Young Logistics Day and the day of discussions on young people's ideas for a career in this industry and logistics solutions.

TransLogistica Jobs 2019 will be held in parallel with the 7th International Transport and Logistics Fair - TransLogistica Poland, as an accompanying event and heir to the plebiscite - the Friendly Employer TSL, organized for 4 years. The prestige and brand of this fair attract not only well-known and key companies from Poland and other European countries, but above all, thousands of visitors.

Certainly, these 3 days of the fair (from 5 to 7 November) will be intense and there will be a lot going on. The organizers are also preparing competitions and various other activities! Participation in the fair is free of charge. Details on the registration and program of the 2nd National Job Fair of the TSL Sector - TransLogistica Jobs 2019 - can be found at: www.targipracytsl.pl