How much is the new free amount?


The Ministry of Finance provided information on the new tax-free amount. The change is to apply under the so-called The "New Deal", which is a new project of the ruling party. How much can you expect to increase? How much will the new tax-free amount be?

What is the free amount?

The tax-free amount is the amount of income that does not require you to pay income tax. Its amount depends on the amount of income earned by the taxpayer. Only the surplus from this value is subject to personal income tax. However, it should be remembered that failure to exceed the tax-free amount does not release the taxpayer from the obligation to submit an annual tax return.

New tax-free amount

According to the information provided by the Minister of Finance, the new free amount may increase from the current 8,000 to 15-20,000. Despite earlier reports, the minister denied that it should amount to PLN 30,000. The tax-free amount in 2021 is PLN 8,000 The new tax-free amount is just one of many proposals to appear under the "New Deal" government program.

Although the details of the project are not definitively known, the "New Deal" also envisages, inter alia, elimination of the possibility of reducing the tax by the health insurance premium, making the health insurance premium dependent on income, as well as increasing the 2nd tax threshold.