How much does a computer graphic designer earn?

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A graphic designer is a person who prepares, coordinates and implements the graphic projects entrusted to him. If you are interested in working in this area, read how much a computer graphic designer earns and what determines the amount of his salary.

Computer graphic designer - scope of duties

The scope of responsibilities may vary depending on the industry or the requirements of superiors. Generally speaking, a computer graphic designer is responsible for:

  • preparation of graphic designs, e.g. advertisements, brochures, product labels, websites,

  • cooperation with advertising agencies, media and partners,

  • adaptation of graphic designs for the needs of a publishing house or advertising agency.

Graphic designer - requirements for the position

In particular, computer graphics are required to:

  • efficient use of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

  • practical knowledge of graphic programs, the ability to prepare graphics for the needs of web projects,

  • knowledge of flash technology,

  • portfolio with your own designs,

  • practical knowledge of at least one graphic program of Photoshop, Photopaint, PicturePublisher class,

  • skills in working with vector projects (CorelDraw),

  • knowledge of basic webmaster tools,

  • knowledge of HTML, CSS,

  • orientation in scripting languages ​​(PHP, Javascript).

One should also not forget about the soft skills that a computer graphic designer must have. The employee should have the ability to work in a team, diligence, creativity, versatility and orientation in various fields of visual creativity - graphics, painting, industrial design, film animation.

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Graphic designer - salary

The amount of remuneration differs due to:

  • workplace,

  • sex,

  • experience,

  • education,

  • company size,

  • type of contract concluded.

For the purposes of estimating earnings, the following profile of the candidate for the position of computer graphic designer is assumed:

  • completed higher education,

  • at least two years of experience,

  • employment based on an employment contract.

The data was prepared on the basis of questionnaires filled in portals such as

The amount of the computer graphic artist's salary depends on the province and city

The amount of remuneration depending on the provinces

Depending on the voivodship, the amount of earnings is in the range of 2,000,000. up to 4,000,000 PLN and the maximum amount per hand may be depending on the regions:

  • Masovian Voivodeship: PLN 3,500,

  • Pomeranian Voivodeship PLN 3,000,

  • Lower Silesia 3,000 PLN,

  • Greater Poland 2600 zlotys,

  • Lesser Poland PLN 2505,

  • Łódź Voivodeship PLN 2,500,

  • Silesian 2400 zlotys,

  • Kuyavian-Pomeranian 2369 PLN,

  • Lublin Voivodeship 2100 PLN.

The amount of remuneration depends on the cities

However, in the cities listed below, the amount of net remuneration is:

  • Warsaw PLN 3,500,

  • Wrocław PLN 3,150,

  • Gdańsk PLN 2,867,

  • Poznań PLN 2600,

  • Krakow PLN 2505,

  • Lodz PLN 2,500,

  • Katowice 2,500 PLN.

Computer graphics work - benefits, bonuses, types of contracts

It is also worth paying attention to the following facts about the profession of computer graphics:

  • Over 70% of people working as computer graphics do not receive a bonus;

  • The most frequently provided benefits for employees in this industry are sports cards of the Multisport type and private medical care for employees (eg Luxmed);

  • About half of the employed computer graphic designers work on the basis of a contract of employment, almost 30% on the basis of a specific work contract, and less than 20% on the basis of a mandate contract. Only a few percent of the respondents decided to start their own business;

  • Over 70% of people working in this industry are men.