Influencer marketing as a leading industry trend versus Tinder

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One of the key values ​​in social life is trust, which is also reflected in the sphere of marketing. Relying on the opinion of a famous person and the strength of recommendations have noticed brands that want to build their awareness among consumers and decide to cooperate with influential people. Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most important trends in the industry year by year, and its potential is even used by dating websites such as Tinder.

Influencer marketing - what is it?

The definition of influencer marketing makes it clear that it is a strategy that involves shaping purchasing decisions through the opinions of influencers. In practice, it manifests itself in communicating with the customer in an indirect way, by people who have a real impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers.

The brands invite celebrities, bloggers, Instagram or YouTube stars to collaborate on campaigns. Engaging influential authors is dictated by showing greater trust in them and results from the belief that an influencer creates primarily for himself and his fans, and in this case his message is created together with the brand, not for it.

Over 70% of people shopping online first look for information about products on social media channels.

Campaign with influencer - where to start?

Influencer marketing allows you to build a real bond between the brand and the customer. The effectiveness of the campaign is primarily ensured by cooperation with the appropriate creator, the choice of which can bring many benefits to the brand. Before starting cooperation with an influencer, it is worth developing a detailed strategy that will be the basis for finding the right author. To do this, you need to:

  • describe the brand profile and define the campaign's mission,

  • set goals of cooperation with an influencer,

  • specify the target group,

  • set a budget.

Influencer marketing by Tinder

Influencer marketing is still an undiscovered marketing strategy that is constantly changing. Campaigns take place on many channels, which in turn is associated with a variety of forms of advertising products and services.

The growing popularity of influencer marketing meant that the creators of Tinder - one of the largest dating applications in the world also decided to use its potential. In order to build brand awareness and promote the new function, they engaged a famous American comedian and six influencers creating memes. The collaboration resulted in a series of comedy videos depicting situations in which women meet men who behave inappropriately. In this way, the "Reactions" feature was advertised, which makes it easier to take appropriate action in such situations.

The information provided by the influencer marketing agency Mediakix shows that as part of the cooperation, nearly 40 sponsored posts were published, which translated into a total of one million likes and tens of thousands of comments.

Recommendation as the driving force behind the brand's success

To sum up, advertising campaigns with the participation of a well-known and liked person can significantly increase the popularity of the brand. However, it should be remembered that the most important issue in this case is the form of advertising itself adapted to the audience and the selection of a representative whose form will be consistent with the concept of the campaign and the general assumptions of the company. As it turns out, compliance with these rules is possible regardless of the nature of the industry and has a real impact on increasing brand awareness, improving conversion or increasing sales.