Tourist information broker - why is it worth using its services?

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The time has finally come when the offers of travel agencies began to fall short of the needs of potential tourists. We no longer want to walk along the beaten track, enjoy the sight of well-worn monuments, squeeze through the crowd of visitors or jump over it to see at least a scrap of the bygone world. We want to pave our own paths that will lead us to virgin lands unspoiled by the all-surrounding civilization. How many times have we wanted to go on the journey of a lifetime, but limited financial resources blocked our ability to make this dream come true? How often have we wanted to take advantage of the fabulous offers of travel agencies, but as a result it turned out that the prices they offered were too high? How many times have we devoured the company calendar hanging on the wall, from which toothless old men in sombreres, African giraffes, delighted tourists from under the Eiffel Tower or the huge eyes of the monumental Sphinx surrounded by desert sands looked at us? The answer is quite prosaic. These desires merged with our everyday life, becoming her sterile mantra. It often happened that in the face of financial reality, we had to give up our dreams. Fortunately, in the age of modern technologies, the Internet and global communication, a lucrative solution has emerged in this matter - a tourist information broker.

Tourist infobroker - who is it?

An infobroker (or information broker, information broker, professionals, knowledge broker, cyberian, freelance librarian, independent researcher, data dealer) is a qualified person whose profession consists in searching for and sharing the highest quality information signed with his own name or company name. The most common tool for the work of an infoboker is the Internet, it is there that, taking into account the criteria specified in the order, it searches for the necessary information and provides it to clients, enriched with analysis and elaboration. A professional information broker knows where to look for information and applies certain search strategies that rely on the accuracy of the selection of news sources and the ability to evaluate and compile them.

What distinguishes a tourist information broker?

A tourist information broker also deals with professional searching and processing of information, but the field of its activity is limited only to tourism. At the express request of the client, it organizes travel, including travel, accommodation, local attractions, rental of means of transport, and provides such a comprehensive plan with a full price list.

What is the role of a tourist information broker in planning a vacation?

Tourist information broker is most often chosen by customers:

  • People who have a limited budget - people who are tired of laborious work want to go on vacation, but too little financial resources do not even allow them to buy last minutes, offered by travel agencies existing on the tourist market. And then a helping hand in their direction is extended by tourist infoboker who, for a symbolic fee, will "sew" a dream journey to the financial capacity of a potential client. Info brokers prioritize the client's budget for the trip and the destination of the trip, taking into account the client's indirect wishes regarding the type of hotel, renting means of transport or the sightseeing route.
  • With special requirements for the trip - people tired of clichéd trips organized by travel agencies, who have their own vision of the trip, reach for the help of infobrokers who plan a comprehensive trip according to their specific wishes. Here, the main determinant for the information broker is the client's vision along with the sightseeing route, all attractions and type of accommodation. Info brokers have more room for maneuver than travel agencies. Often, the offer of tour operators does not include trips to non-standard places and less popular countries, and this is where a field of creativity opens up for tourist infobrokers who can offer attractions unavailable to travel agency clients.

Tourist information broker - is it worth using its services?

Infobrokering has recently appeared in the tourism industry, but it is already very popular because it is an interesting alternative to the standard offers of travel agencies. Trained infobrokers focus on implementing even the most complex customer vision, adapting to their individual needs and financial constraints. By using the services of tourist information brokers, we save not only time and money, but also our own nerves, which often accompany us when organizing a trip. In this case, the language barrier is no longer an obstacle, as infoboker know foreign languages ​​and use foreign websites and databases. And then, by appropriate selection of the collected information, they create a detailed travel plan that meets the customer's needs.