Infographics are an effective method of attracting attention

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In advertising, we use many elements that are intended to enrich it and attract the attention of recipients. In short, we try to convey important information, arouse emotions and surprise. A picture can be a complement to words, but also a carrier of certain information. According to the study, graphics-based ads are more popular and remain in the recipient's memory for longer. A properly designed advertisement should, however, contain both the word and the image. Pay attention to their compatibility and contextuality.In order for the customer to catch his eye on our advertisement, it must present something that interests them or be interesting and surprising. Infographics are becoming more and more popular in marketing and advertising. What is it, how does it work, how to use its potential?

At the beginning, you should answer the question of what an infographic is. In short, it is a visualization of information, a combination of words and images. However, they do not exist separately, they are closely linked together in the form of a diagram or statistics. However, it does not have to be based only on the provision of relevant data, it is perfect for brand promotion and advertising specific products from all areas. Thanks to infographics, you can convey important information in an interesting and interesting way. Difficult to understand content will certainly be easier to understand, and most importantly, remembered.

Infographics - types

You have certainly met her more than once, because infographics surround us on all sides due to their effectiveness. They are a very important element of advertising, but they require a lot of creativity from us. It is an easy way to convey rich content. Infographics are not limited only to presenting diagrams, each is based on providing different information, as well as on the method of visualization.

  • Place the advertised product in the center. In online sales, we want to reach as many customers as possible with our offer and convince them of its uniqueness. Sometimes, with the help of advertising, we want to increase our popularity, and other times we try to present the product we want to sell. The effectiveness of an advertisement is primarily influenced by the way it is presented. An infographic can be used to advertise a specific product in an interesting and interesting way. In this situation, we focus only on the features and benefits of using the advertised article.

  • The solution to the puzzle. Infographics can also answer difficult questions about how a product works or how it is used. Difficult to convey content can be visualized. In this way, the recipient will not be burdened with long text, the reading of which is often tiring and is skipped.

  • Tell the story of your company, show your customers how it has developed over the years, what its beginnings were. You will share valuable information with them and build their trust. It can be an excellent advertisement for your company and drawing attention to constant improvement and use of its potential at every level.

  • Use comparisons. It is also worth putting together two things that will show the contrast between them and emphasize the positive qualities of your product or company. You don't need to name your competing companies right away. You can do this on a "me-others" basis. The comparison works perfectly with the audience. Infographics in this form is not only used to present your product against the background of others. It is also worth using it to show the difference within the goods from your offer. This will make the choice of your customers easier.

  • Statistical data is a very frequently used element of infographics. It is primarily about showing changes or presenting data. The role of numbers in advertising is very important, the recipients themselves indicate their effectiveness. So it's good to use data about your sales, popularity, products or frequency of visits to your website. This information can highlight your important role in the industry in the eyes of the client.

  • An excellent marketing trick is to show the recipient how the product was created. This is sure to attract a lot of interest from your potential customers. You tell them a secret, reveal the secret. What does it mean? The fact that you trust and like your customers. They can repay you with the same.

Elements of infographics

The purpose of the infographic is primarily to provide information. This is not an ordinary form of advertising that is intended to encourage you to take advantage of a given offer, get to know the assortment of an online store or purchase a product. Rather, it focuses on showing what is essential, important and valuable.

  • Therefore, one of the elements of the infographic is TEXT-INFORMATION. It is not always the dominant element, sometimes it only enriches the whole. However, it is worth paying special attention to creating a substantive and coherent text that will not be overloaded with specialized vocabulary and will be remembered quickly and for a long time.
  • GRAPHICS-IMAGES is extremely important in infographics. Most of the data is usually visualized as the recipient is more effectively influenced by the image than the word. Through appropriately selected and created graphics, we can convey more than a long information, which we include in the form of text on a few pages. Let us remember that we are thinking people who are able to draw certain conclusions on their own and supplement the existing content.

Let's not forget that the whole thing must be consistent and tell a story. We cannot include random information in the infographic. Let's set a goal and try to achieve it.

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Effective infographic - a few steps

  1. In the beginning there was an idea. It all starts with what appears in our head. There must be an idea that will mobilize us to continue working on the infographic. To create good graphics, we need to know what we want to convey with it.

  2. The next step is to gather information. You have to choose the most important, important not only for you, but most of all for the recipient, because it is his attention that should attract. Collect the necessary data and think about what is really necessary.

  3. Design - you have the information and goals set, now it's time to design the infographic. It is important to choose colors, visualizations, graphics, photos and diagrams. Their arrangement also influences the selection of the transmitted information. Consider whether text or image is more important to you and what should be the focal point of the infographic.

  4. The last stage is the most important but the most difficult. After creating the project, consider whether this infographic is meeting the goal you set at the beginning. If in doubt, reconsider how it should be changed.

Useful when creating infographics

There are a number of programs available to help you create an effective and original infographic. It is worth taking a closer look at them and getting to know their capabilities - some have the advantage of being easy to use, while others have many useful tools.

  • Piktochart - thanks to this program, we can create an infographic using ready-made templates, sorted by category. It is a very good solution for beginner graphic designers and people who do not have an artistic sense. Our job is only to select the data we want to put into the project and then the template.

  • - In this application, the flow of creating an infographic takes place in certain stages. First, we have to choose the background that interests us, and then the elements that we will place on it. They are grouped by topic, which makes it easy to find the right ones. In addition to the image, we can also include text in our project. does not have the function of creating charts and diagrams, which is why the application works primarily in presenting specific products and the general idea of ​​the topic.

  • - to be able to use this application, we must have a Google+ or Facebook account. In the free version, we have 6 templates to use, on the basis of which we create our own project, supplementing it with specific data. We have the ability to place ready-made maps, diagrams, icons, statistics, text, image and video. However, to save the project, we have to buy the Pro version. We can put the finished graphics on our account on social networks, but we cannot save the graphics to a file.

Advertising tool infographic

  • graphics are an element of advertising that catches the eye and allows you to focus the customer's attention for longer than in the case of text. The form is liked by the recipients, so it is worth using it as often as possible.

  • The infographic increases brand awareness and provides information about the offer and the company. With its help, you can significantly increase the group of customers of your company.

  • By placing important information on your infographic, you strengthen your status as an expert. Show that you are not only an entrepreneur, but also know the industry in which you work. It inspires the trust of customers and increases the credibility of the entrepreneur in their eyes.

  • The infographic spreads very quickly on social networks. Thanks to this, you can increase the reach of news about the brand and gain more popularity.