Instagram Stories - how should businesses use this tool?

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Instagram Stories is a fairly young feature in an app belonging to Facebook. Created to compete with Snapchat, it has gained a lot of fans during the year of its existence. Disappearing videos and photos win the hearts of many teenagers. That's why Instagram Stories is constantly evolving.

Instagram Stories add-ons

According to research conducted by Klear, the Instagram feature for reporting events has already reached 250 million users - almost 90 million more than the application it was created on, i.e. Snapchat. Thanks to Instagram Stories, the Facebook-owned app also noted that users spend more time on it than before the feature was added.

Instagram Stories also provides a variety of add-ons that allow you to create creative content with little effort. There are many possibilities:

  • live coverage,

  • sharing photos or videos,

  • video rewound

  • movie as an animation.

After taking a photo or recording the material, we can decorate it with stickers, add information about the location, add hashtags, temperature or time.

Brands in Instagram Stories

Due to the popularity of this tool, Instagram Stories is used not only by individual users, but also by companies. Many of them have their own profiles in the app and regularly post materials that disappear after 24 hours. 45% of the surveyed brands do it at least once a week. These include such giants as Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's and Lufthansa.

What kind of content do companies share on Instagram Stories?

Companies, due to the industries and communication strategy, provide various types of content. However, the most frequently presented materials fall into three groups:

  • As many as 36% of brands use this application feature to share photos and product videos. In this way, they often announce new products, present iconic offers or show the use of their products.

  • Another 22% show the company behind the scenes. Its interior, events and company achievements.

  • 14% of them allow their guests to report on them from time to time.

The rest of the much less common materials are events, competitions or guides.

Industries that are keen to use Instagram Stories

The industries most likely to communicate in Instagram Stories are fitness, fashion and retail.

Form of communication

The way brands communicate using Instagram Stories is closely dependent on the specifics of their business and the industry in which they operate. This form of promotion requires a lot of creativity on the part of the company to best match the materials to its offer. And so, the fitness industry, which is the most popular on Instagram Stories, usually conducts a relationship with the help of its invited guests or influencers, and less often presents specific products.

In turn, in the fashion industry, product materials are in the lead. In the second place are those from the life of the brand.

Videos and photos from inside the company are also eagerly shown by airlines, automotive brands and retailers. The rarest form of Instagram Stories are contests, which are mainly decided by the technology industry.