Online recruitment system - try it in your company!

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Currently, the first stage of recruitment - publication of a job advertisement - is usually carried out via the Internet. When creating a job offer, the recruiter places information on how to contact the company. Most often, people applying for a given position send their CV and cover letter to a company e-mail address, usually devoted to carrying out the recruitment process. If the company has several recruitments for different positions at the same time, HR specialists may get lost in the submitted applications, and some applications go to the trash right away. To avoid chaos in your e-mail inbox, you can use the online recruitment system. It will also work well in the next stages of the recruitment process. Check what are the benefits of the online recruitment system for recruiters!

What is an online recruitment system?

ATS (applikant tracking system), i.e. the Internet recruitment system, is a software used to support the recruitment process and manage the candidate database. The program allows you to organize the next stages of the recruitment process. It also becomes possible to select the submitted applications faster. The implementation of such a system in a company is associated with saving time and cost of recruiters' work. No CV will be lost and application documents are often automatically categorized. Multiposting, i.e. publishing job offers on many portals, makes it easier to find the perfect candidate for a given job position.

There are several online recruitment systems on the Polish market. In the recruitment process, enterprises most often use the services of such platforms as: E-candidate, eRecruiter, Talent Finder, HRlink.

Online recruitment system - functions

The functionalities of individual online recruitment systems differ from each other. However, there are some common features. First of all, ATS applications allow you to manage several recruitment processes from one control panel. The recruiter logs into his account, and after a while he can see all recruitments - both ongoing and planned - and you can activate the job advertisement on your own.

The activated job offer automatically goes to several advertisement portals. As a result, the recruiter does not have to publish a given job advertisement on various advertisement websites, wasting valuable time at the same time. With one click, the offer appears in many places at once. For example, eRecruiter publishes a job offer on, as well as on other partner portals. The online recruitment system allows recruiters to choose the websites on which the advertisement will be published.

Candidates submit their application documents directly via the enrollment system. This means that their CV and cover letter will be saved in the database. The recruiter can check at any time how many applications have already been submitted and view a given application. When submitting documents, the applicant is also asked to provide specific information of interest to HR specialists (financial expectations, education, skills, experience). As a result, recruiters do not have to go through all of the CVs. The online admissions system will indicate which candidates meet certain requirements. The database can be searched using the available filters or keywords.

Each candidate can be assessed. The recruiter can add his own note next to the application. HR specialists often come back to initially missed applications if, during the recruitment process, it turns out that there are no employees on the labor market who would perfectly match the job. Leaving a note facilitates secondary selection of applications.

Online recruitment systems are also equipped with reporting tools. In a few moments, you can create a graph presenting the submitted applications or the effectiveness of the recruitment process.

Some ATS allow personality tests to be carried out. When submitting the application, the candidate is asked to answer a few questions. This way you can also test basic skills - e.g. analytical thinking, math skills, creativity and language skills.


Remember that only a psychologist is authorized to conduct a professional personality test. Online recruitment systems can only outline the personality of a given candidate.

Online recruitment system - is it something for me?

Yes, if your company is growing and it happens that you carry out several recruitment processes at the same time. Thanks to the CV database, you will not have to re-publish a job advertisement if it turns out that you have a vacancy again. All you have to do is use the applications that have previously been sent to you. Most online recruitment systems allow you to use a trial version. For example, for 14 days you can check the functionality of a given software free of charge. If it turns out that a given ATS does not suit your needs, you will not buy the paid version of the program. You will not lose anything, and you can find out that online recruitment systems effectively support your recruitments.