Business on Google Maps - be visible on the web thanks to the e-business card

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In recent years, the internet has become the main source of information. No wonder that when we need to find the data we are interested in, we turn on the web browser and start searching. For this reason, more and more companies decide to advertise their offer online. It's a great idea to create a Google business card. Google My Business is a service designed specifically for entrepreneurs. It can be used by anyone who runs a business, and the process of creating a business listing in Google Maps is quick and easy to perform, and the service is free.

Google My Business - opportunities

As already mentioned, the process of setting up your company's showcase is not complicated and brings many benefits. First of all, it increases the chance of finding our business by potential customers - data about the company is displayed in the search results of the Google search engine. This is a good solution for micro-enterprises that do not have a corporate website, as Google My Business does not require it. We can include a variety of information in the business card:

  • contact details: phone number, location, website address, opening hours

  • company industry: range of services or products offered

  • "Virtual walk" - an opportunity to see the interior of the company's premises thanks to its presentation in Google Street View technology

  • mapping the route to the company - the application allows a registered company to designate the way to its seat, so that the customer will have no problem finding the location of the facility they are looking for.

Registering a company in Google Maps is a necessity. First of all, it will allow for the transparent display of the most important information about the conducted activity, and additionally, it will make the company appear high in Google search results (even if it does not have a website). Many people need to quickly find contact details for a company and most often use the Google business card. All you have to do is enter the name of the company in the search engine and all the necessary information will be displayed automatically. The company registered in Google Maps is more reliable for the customer, so you should not hesitate to create an account.

It is also worth remembering that usually companies' business cards as part of this service are created on the basis of databases received from Panorama Firms. If for some reason the company has not been added to Google Maps, you can always try to update it yourself through one of the Google Local Business Centers. It is free, only requires a Google account.

How to add a business to Google Maps?

The first prerequisite for using Google Maps for Business is a Google account. Then you can proceed to further actions, ie opening the "Google My Business" tool. This is the site where Google advertises services targeting businesses promoting online.

To start registration, click on "Start now", then proceed to the next step, which is filling in the appropriate data in the displayed forms. The entered information will later be presented as the content of the business card.

After entering the name of the company and accepting the terms of service, we will go to the next form with address details and the location of the company on the map.

Then it is time to select the category of activity in which the company operates. This is an important step because the choice of industry will describe the activity in which we specialize.

By supplementing information about the company's location and industry, Internet users looking for a specific service will receive tailored search results. For example, if we chose the keyword "confectionery", our offer will appear to people in a nearby location who entered "cafe", "restaurants" and other similar phrases in the search engine.

During the next steps, we will be asked to provide a phone number and website address (it is not mandatory). The last step is to choose the method of verification. In order for our account to be fully active, we need to verify it. Verification of the Google account requires us to collect a letter with the code and then enter it into our panel. The letter will be sent to the address indicated by us. This step is necessary if we want to fully use Google Maps for the company, because only after the verification process will our business card be visible on the web. After selecting the appropriate verification method, the account is already set up and we can proceed to the configuration of the business card!

Google My Business - data completion

This is one of the most important stages, because how we present our company and what data we enter will affect how many customers decide to use our services. We can introduce a lot of information about the functioning of the company, location and our offer:

  • payment information (for example, card or cash only)

  • opening hours and days

  • location - address and marking with a pin on the map.

The next step is to add company photos to the listing. We can show what the company's headquarters or the products it offers look like. The photos can be downloaded from the computer disk or from the website. They must not contain prohibited elements - illegal content that violates copyrights or trademarks, contains pornographic content, and that incites violence, promotes hatred or invades privacy.

The next step in completing the business card is the non-standard part. Information is added here to distinguish the company from the competition. Therefore, it is worth supplementing the profile with data such as average price, menu, cuisine, specialty and atmosphere, as well as the year of establishment, functions, clothing, parking, nearest block, price level, kitchen manager, meals or transport.

A useful feature is the ability to add comments and assessments about the activity and the ability to respond to them. Ratings are presented in the form of an average, which in case of reaching high values ​​will encourage you to use our services.

My company on Google Maps - how to edit the data?

In the event that basic business data changes, it is a good idea to remove old data and replace it with new data. The company on Google Maps should always have updated data so as not to mislead anyone and not direct them to a different address.

To change company data in the Google Maps profile, after logging in to your Google account, find your company in the Google Maps search results and click on the profile. A balloon with company details and a link titled "More information" should appear here. After the contact information window appears, you will be able to update your profile by selecting "Add" or "Edit" your company. The change of individual elements will take place in the next window, provided that the user has the right to update.

A company registered in Google Maps is a great opportunity to promote yourself on the Internet, because customers can evaluate our services or products through this tool. This is a great opportunity to attract potential buyers for all business owners.