How to shape the company's image on the Internet?

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When running a business, especially when it comes to selling goods or services, entrepreneurs want as many people as possible to know about it. For this purpose, they rent billboards, hand out leaflets or buy advertisements in the press. However, looking at how strong the Internet is at present, it is with the help of the various tools it offers that it is worth building the company's image. How to go about it and what should you remember? We translate below.


The image of the company is the way in which it is presented and perceived in the external environment - by customers. It is up to him to decide what opinions people will form about the goods or services offered by the company. If they are positive, it will translate into the popularity of the products and increased trust in the company's operations.

Adding the letter "e" to the word image only means that the above definition refers to the image of the company, which is constructed with the help of electronic media - television, radio and the Internet. Most often, however, e-image is discussed based on the latter source. We will also focus on it in this article.

Website - a showcase of the company

The basic form of presenting the company's activity on the Internet is the website. It is a virtual seat of the company, therefore, as it should be in reality, it should be run in a neat and transparent manner. On the other hand, the template and content of such a place on the web must be consistent with the general image policy of the company. Therefore, before setting up a website, you should, among other things:

  • determine the target group it will be targeted at,

  • consider what the needs of the above group are,

  • prepare its content and graphic design, based on the expectations of the recipients,

  • ensure that it works efficiently in all major web browsers,

  • look at the websites of competing companies in terms of advantages and disadvantages

In addition, the company's website should be easily accessible thanks to the use of a simple, quickly memorable WWW address or thanks to high position in search engines. In addition, after hitting it, the customer should encounter an aesthetic, eye-friendly appearance and easy navigation. The latter relates to the arrangement of individual pieces of information and tabs. This should be done in such a way that you won't have any trouble finding the content you want

When dealing with a company's website, you also need to keep it up-to-date on a regular basis. It makes more people interested in the page, and also makes it appear higher in search engines (eg Google places pages that are frequently updated higher).

SEO (Search Engine Optimalization), i.e. the above-mentioned positioning, is also crucial in working on the prospering of the company's website. It consists in optimizing the website for the requirements of the search engine and is the basic method of obtaining a large number of visits. Acting in this area, you need to look at the structure of the website. The main point is that its name and description should contain the appropriate keywords. For this purpose, it is worth using the so-called long tail rules - although the most popular phrases generate the most traffic on websites, it is not worth using them, because of too much competition, but using less common, but more complex and precise phrases. They may contain the names of the town, city area or product with which the company wants to promote. In addition to the description and name of the page, you should also take care of headers and subpages. This is also where keywords should be placed.

The image of the company on the web - monitoring

In order to effectively take care of the company's image on the Internet, it is also important to control its reputation on the Internet. In addition to taking care of it with the help of the official website, you should also focus on social networks. They may be the first place for potential employees or clients to come into contact with the company's activities. Therefore, it is worth setting up company profiles on this type of website, taking care of their regular and attractive running, and preventing the dissemination of unauthorized information.

Employees holding more important positions in the company should also remember about appropriate profile management on a social networking site. When looking for information about a given company, a candidate may want to check its management.

Image of the company on the web - controlling your activities

A company's image can be ruined very quickly. Sometimes even e-mails can be the cause of the disaster. It happens that an employee sends a meaningful message to the wrong person due to distraction or dealing with too many things at once. Research carried out in 2008 Annual E-mail Addiction Survey show that 80% of CEOs and CEOs have sent or received an accidentally mistaken email. The consequences of such actions may have immediate negative consequences for the company's image.

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Connect with online communities

It is worth appointing a few people in the company who deal with dialogue with online communities. It consists in taking the floor in discussions on internet forums or specialist portals. Selected employees must clearly show what company they work for and represent them with dignity. Such an attitude will affect their credibility and inspire the trust of Internet users who are very sensitive to fraud. The tasks of people representing the company in the virtual world include providing local communities with positive information about it, as well as explaining those that are inaccurate or untrue.

Virtual press office - collecting information for the media

When building the company's image, it is also worth taking care of its contacts with the media. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a virtual press office, i.e. a part of the official website of the company, from which journalists will be able to download current materials or see information published so far about it. Extracting and filling in such a tab on a regular basis is the first step to maintaining good contacts with the media. They are important especially for titles that are related to the company's industry. Regular cooperation may result in the constant presence of information about the company on the most important portals in a given field. It is also good for the company's employees to write articles for the industry media, referring to recent events, analyzing some problems or being case studies. This will contribute to building the company's image as an expert in a given field, and thus increase customer confidence.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that in addition to activities focusing on sales and marketing for the company, also those concerning its image on the Internet are extremely important. Presenting comprehensible and transparent content on the website, good contacts with virtual communities and industry media can build invaluable capital of the company.