Allergy - How Can You Fight It Naturally?

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Allergy usually bothers allergy sufferers in spring. Why? Then everything comes to life, and with them plants and trees, whose pollen are common allergens. In addition to pharmacological treatment, each allergy sufferer should learn a few home remedies that will allow him to naturally alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of allergy.

Get rid of allergens

The basic rule is to avoid factors that sensitize us. However, it is not possible to completely abandon being outside when everything is dusty. Therefore, it is best to simply eliminate all possible allergens that have entered the system. How? A solution of warm water, salt and a pinch of baking soda, which we should rinse our nose with two or three times a day. It will also be helpful to change clothes and take a shower immediately after returning home - this way we will get rid of pollen from trees and plants that have settled on the body and clothes. In order to avoid the increased concentration of allergens in the apartment, the floor should be washed once every two days, and the time of airing should be chosen at twilight, when the amount of allergens in the air decreases.

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Allergy - hit it with herbs

Some herbal infusions may bring relief to allergy sufferers, especially in pollen allergies and hay fever. The best results can be achieved after about 2 weeks of regular drinking (the infusion made in 1 glass should be drunk three times a day). Here are 3 herbs that can help treat allergies:

  • nettle - soothes the symptoms of allergies because it suppresses the receptors responsible for the formation of allergies. It is also anti-inflammatory and is a source of vitamin C, which has an antihistamine effect (the chemical responsible for causing inflammation in allergies). There are practically no side effects or examples of nettle overdose or drug interactions. Nettle is one of the most widely used natural allergy medications in Turkey;
  • chamomile - lowers the level of histamine, which causes allergy symptoms, but it can also strongly sensitize itself, so it is worth checking at the beginning whether we are not allergic to it;
  • goldenrod - contains a lot of antioxidants that help in the fight against hay fever, but it sensitizes people allergic to latex.

Aromatherapy against allergies

An allergy treated with essential oils can bring relief to many allergy sufferers. It is best to prepare a sausage from essential oils. For this purpose, you can make a mixture of eucalyptus oil, patchouli and the aforementioned chamomile. The cost of the oils is negligible, and you can easily get them in herbal stores or even pharmacies.

Allergy and diet

In the fight against troublesome allergies, a proper diet and following a few rules are also helpful. First of all, you should eat foods rich in vitamin C (paprika, parsley, kale, strawberries, wild strawberries, black currants or lemon) - this vitamin blocks histamine, and thus reduces allergy symptoms. You also need to enrich your diet with avocado, olive oil, ginger, omega 3 fatty acids and turmeric, and not be afraid of garlic, which helps with hay fever and stuffy nose.

Being allergic certainly does not make it easier to enjoy the charms of spring. However, home remedies to deal with allergies can alleviate the unpleasant symptoms at least a little. The solution may also be supplementing natural therapies with drugs. Regardless of the chosen method of dealing with allergies, in case of doubt, it is worth consulting an allergist doctor.

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