Check how not to motivate employees!

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A motivated employee is a good employee. As the boss, you must ensure that the employee is involved in the life of the company and the duties performed. However, increasing motivation is not an easy matter, as it might seem. Emotions are a delicate matter that is difficult to manage. Many studies have already been prepared on how to mobilize employees. However, we will show you how not to motivate employees, so what absolutely not to do so as not to demotivate the employee?

Lack of trust

Remember why you hired the person. What made you choose this one? What qualities, skills appealed to you? Don't compare the worker to yourself. Don't let him feel that he is worse than you. Be a mentor, not a tyrant.Constant checking, the need to accept even the most trivial decisions will lower the employee's morale in the long run. It will shake faith in your own abilities.

How not to motivate employees - excessive concentration on the negatives

Nobody likes being criticized all the time. As a boss, you should not only rebuke but also praise your employees. Notice their successes, efforts. Encourage them to develop. Instead of messing with the mud, show me how to fix the mistakes. Suggest new solutions. Help the employee to implement them. Be patient. Even if you think you've repeated a line a hundred times, the employee may have forgotten. Explain again. An underappreciated employee is frustrated and demotivating. Check if the rules of employee appraisal are clear, understandable to everyone and if they don't change like in a kaleidoscope.

Discharge your emotions on employees

Of course you are only human. Like everyone, sometimes you have a bad day. You don't have to be optimistic all the time. However, do not transfer your anger and grief to the employees. Regardless of how you feel, they deserve respect and kind treatment.

Wing clipping

Not every idea of ​​an employee is brilliant, but there are such. It is important that the employee can speak, as the boss you should listen to him and consider the proposals. The employee will feel responsible for the company's development. He will be part of it.

Failure to keep your word

If you have promised something, you must keep your word. Lying kills mutual trust. It evokes a sense of danger. In addition, it destroys your authority, shows you in a very negative light. As an unpredictable person whose word means nothing and who cannot be taken seriously.

Discrimination as a cause of employee demotivation

All employees should be treated by you with the same respect. It is unacceptable, not only from the legal point of view, but also from the point of view of good relations, to harass employees for gender, national or religious reasons. It is also inappropriate to make fun of someone's views, preferences or appearance. Don't favor any of the employees as the rest will feel demotivated by this. Treat your employees as you would like to be treated yourself.

Setting impossible goals

The feeling of being unable to meet the set requirements causes the employee to block up instead of working like an ant. Deadlines and the scope of duties should be adapted to the real abilities of the employee. Instead of imposing excessive demands, show smaller goals, the achievement of which will be an opportunity for employees to achieve self-fulfillment.

Collective responsibility

Punishing all employees for the wrongs of some of them is always associated with a feeling of injustice and bitterness. Rules are needed to give the employee a stable sense of security. Avoid unfair solutions at all costs.

Violation of workers' rights

The abuse of power will always be perceived negatively by the employee. In a workplace where employees' rights are violated, there will never be a healthy, inspiring work atmosphere. Intimidated and abused subordinates will not want to get involved in the life of the company. Not paying your salary, working overtime, not having the right to rest are the best ways to kill your motivation.

Human resources are the most expensive capital in an enterprise. A motivated employee identifying with the company is the best investment an employer can make. Remember about it and take care of the level of commitment in your company.