How to evaluate the value of websites?

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Websites can now be sold like any other good. Although it would probably be easy to find a buyer for an interesting site with a good position in search results and interesting content, its valuation is undoubtedly problematic. There are many ways to estimate the value of a website. In this text, we will introduce you to several methods of determining the value of pages - thanks to this, you will better value your portal, and you will easily find out when a potential seller will inflate prices.

What influences the value of websites?

The value of websites is made up of a number of individual factors that are included in special algorithms that calculate the estimated monetary value. You can, in some simplification, list a few of them, although not all of them have to be used when calculating the value of the page. Such factors are most often pointed out by the tools for calculating page values ​​available on the web:

  1. incoming links to the page being valued - both their quantity and value are taken into account,

  2. the current position of the page in search results,

  3. Page page rank,

  4. the number of unique visitors (that is, the number of unique IPs visiting a specific page during a given period, not the number of visits to the page).

  5. value of the page in social media - determined by the frequency of content updates on related pages on social networking sites, the number of communities around them and its interaction with the content published on the page in a given medium,

  6. number of indexed subpages,

  7. page loading speed,

  8. bounce rate of a given page (i.e. the number of sessions on the page during which not a single action was performed),

  9. diversification of traffic on the site - whether the traffic on the site is generated, for example, only by advertisements in the search engine, or also through other sources - the greater the diversification of traffic, the better the site is rated.

Website Value - Valuation Tools

The above factors are used for free tools available on the Internet, which use established algorithms to determine the value of websites based on them. Different tools take into account different factors - the simple ones use 3-4 of them, and the more complex ones - even several dozen. We will briefly present three tools for website valuation available free of charge on the web. However, it should be remembered that the value determined with their use is an estimate and other criteria must also be taken into account, which we will mention later in the text.

Speed ​​test

After entering the "Website valuation" tab, you put a link to the website in the window. You click the "Start Quote" button and almost immediately the tool presents you with an estimated monetary value of the page based on, among other things, o unique visitors per day, page rank, and the value of inbound links. Speedtest is quite a popular tool, although it takes into account a small number of factors in its calculations.


An English-language tool that allows you to analyze the value of a website based on a larger number of criteria than Speedtest. After entering the URL of the page you are interested in, the tool quickly calculates its value. The estimated price is determined thanks to the analysis of, inter alia, indexed subpages, unique visitors during the day, the value of incoming links, page loading speed, bounce rate, social media activity.


Also an English-language tool that presents estimates based on quite interesting data. In calculations, it uses, among others Page Rank, number of indexed subpages, page visibility in social media, number of incoming links as well as unique visits to the page, average time spent on it and the value of revenues generated by the website from advertising. In addition, you can see which keywords generate the most traffic to your website and where visitors are coming from.

How else to determine the value of websites?

As we mentioned, the tools are only used for some estimates and their valuation cannot be considered unambiguous and accurate. Algorithms functioning in web tools do not take into account, among others factors such as the quality of the content posted on it, the history of the website or the recognition of the website (brand) on the web. Therefore, it is worth relying on the opinion of specialists dealing with the valuation of websites when valuing.

You can also use another method to determine the value of your web pages. It consists in determining the costs incurred in connection with the party by its owner. This valuation is intended to be an indication of how much money should be allocated to create the same page as the valuation page. The downside of this method, however, is that the value of certain activities varies over the years.

In order to get a reliable quote for your website, you need to consider all of these methods. Use several tools for website valuation, average the results, and additionally take into account the costs you incurred in building and running the website. Also direct your inquiry to the experts - confront their valuation with the calculations you made earlier. However, remember that content at a high substantive and technical level can sometimes increase the value of the website by up to 50%!